K2 Spyne 130 LV

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With its rookie year in the rearview mirror, the Spyne 130 LV put up solid numbers and avoided a sophomore jinx.  It came to camp with an improved liner and a new look that our scouts approved. The PrecisionFit Intuition liner's new toebox shape and tweaks made to enhance the way the liner mates with the shell opened up the fit in all the right places—and kept them snug where they need to be.

While the LV shell truly is low volume (especially in the heel, ankles and along the lateral side of the foot), we received none of the tight toes and numbness complaints we heard last year. A few testers mentioned that the fit over the top of the foot felt more contoured and comfortable, further eradicating the two-run tingle several experienced last go-round.

The graphics are changed too, and to a virtually unanimous positive vote (OK; one dissenter described the hue as puke). The colors didn't change how the boot skied though, and testers gave the Spyne 130 LV meaty power scores.

They praised the stance angle set-up. The boot set our skis a-trenching and managed them well at all speeds through a variety of terrain. Strong yes, dull-witted no. Testers noticed a supple, springy flex feel, attributing it to the unique link between lower and upper boot. Spyne boots aren't fixed at the rear spine (hence the name) but neither are they free to collapse. The Energy Interlock mechanism binds the cuff to the lower with a slightly stretchy connection that lets energy load and release in an active manner.

Helping to bolster the boot’s stability and power is the rigid Y-shaped Powerfuse SpYne (see the big Y down the boot back?) that stiffens the boot laterally and torsionally without having to rely on bulky plastic elsewhere that can hamper entry and exit. It earned great in-and-out scores.

There’s tremendous fit versatility here. In addition to the Low Volume version we tested, testers praised the option to go to a medium-width Spyne 130 or the new wide-lasted Spyne 130 HV (high volume) while maintaining this same stance platform and trim levels.

Sizes (MP) 
24.5, 25.5...30.5
Hike Mode 
Heat Moldable Liner 
Boot width profile 


  • “State of the art design leads the pack in performance. Excellent fit and nimble performance.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Simple and effective with great lateral support.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Spine means backbone, and this boot has it. Knocked it out of the park.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Very responsive. Quicker edge-to-edge than I expected.” --
  • “Very quick with amazing feel.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Butter! That's good in case you're wondering. Skis fantastic.” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “No holds barred, tip and rip. Good balanced stance.” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “It's a ski bender!” -- Mason Tuor
  • “Authoritative and capable in the power department. Anchor-like stability.” -- Marc Stewart


  • “Pretty upright…sometimes backseat feel.” --
  • “Still a little short in the toes for me.” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith

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Taos Ski Valley, NM

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