K2 Spyne 130 LV

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The Gist

K2 continues to muscle its way into the best All-Mountain boots conversation. For the third year in a row, the Spyne 130 LV finished in the top group despite some serious competition. It’s got strong fit, sturdy on-snow performance and a robust set of customizing tools.


Testers told us it was tight. This is an LV that means it. Guys with prominent ankles, navicular and styloid bones will get a bit lit up by the out of box fit. The toebox also fits quite snug and short initially. All this snugness (not a bad thing in a narrow model) is partly due to the thick Intuition lower liner (the upper part of the liner is a more traditional construction).

It relaxes a bit simply by skiing, but for a fit more true to the Spyne 130 LV's intent, molding the liner is a must.  When we molded with the whole shebang process (toecaps, pads on bony prominences), the fit demonstrably improved.


K2 has mastered the stance game. Their boots are perfectly dialed front-to-back and side-to-side. Testers agreed they were always moving out from a solid home base. The flex is firm and lateral juice is present in high concentration. It’s powerful but you can feather it on and off. Drift, skivot, roll 'em up high and rail it; the boot obeys skier commands and constantly exceeds expectations.

Cool Features

We like the oval-within-an-oval lateral cuff adjuster (dual sided) with a trick no-strip inner screw. It’s got good range.

We also like K2's new shell molding protocol, though it takes a while to get the hot shell and liner fully cooled down to where it takes a permanent set. Still, it’s worth the time and effort.

We found that the cooked shell can expand prodigiously and does not lose much of its stretch even after spending a couple days on a sunny, hot window sill. We did a full-bore expansion and turned this narrow LV into a good fitting medium for one of our testers.

But before you start whomping on the shell, start with the liner.  Move on to the shell only if the fit still remains too tight.

Sizes (MP) 
24.5, 25.5…30.5
Hike Mode 
Heat Moldable Liner 
Boot width profile 


  • “A contained wrap—don't expect cush, it is firm and smooth.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Low volume feet welcome to your new home.” -- Garrick Dardani
  • “Full liner feel—contact everywhere. Three years in a row great boot.” --
  • “Awesome, strong boot—K2 brought it!” -- Jason Astle
  • “Quick and agile, awesome feel, gobs of power. Mold the liner—gets even better.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Bodacious! Super consistent fit tension and neutral in all directions.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Great all around—fit good and skied good!” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Excellent performance platform—the energy interlock works well!” -- Erik Korman
  • “Tons of power but able to be feathered on and off.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Felt good in variable snow conditions—good work K2!” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Felt centered in tough conditions. Easy to stay in the middle. Spyne has backbone.” -- Jim Morris


  • “Liner bulk detracts from some sensitivity.” --
  • “Seems overly tight prior to liner molding due to liner thickness” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Ugly boot!” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Not keeping up with the Joneses—boot feels five years old.” -- Garrick Dardani

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Our focus and commitment for the past 50 years is to skiers who ski the entire mountain, in all conditions. This same philosophy holds true in ski boots. We did not start with a rigid, intimidating race boot. We wiped the slate clean and built our boots from the ground up to maximize efficiency, optimize power transfer, and deliver performance over a wide range of terrain and snow conditions. The result is a complete line of ski boots that fit and function unlike any other boot, with a style that is uniquely K2.

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