K2 Spyre 100

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What is it about the Spyre 100 that put it at the very top of this strong skiing women's category? The fact that everybody loved it. Period. It doesn't hurt that its digits are 100/100—easy to remember and right in the middle where most women find their fit sweet spot and with a flex stiff enough for advanced and expert skiers without being too burly for aspiring chargers. Our test team's variety of foot and leg shapes all found a happy home in this boot—with all testers describing the fit as ideally snug for a medium width boot. Virtually every tester vouched for the quick, powerful character this boot showed on snow, at all speeds tested and through a variety of snow and terrain.

The revisions made to the Spyne's Intuition-made LuxFit liner this year were instantly noticed by testers who gave it much improved marks for initial feel and comfort throughout the lower boot. The toebox shape was redesigned to offer a bit more wiggle room—duly noted. And the liner's overall construction seemed more compliant to testers, for a better mate with the interior of the shell's shape.

Some testers felt the boot was just a touch lower in the cuff height than the average for this category and a few mentioned feeling tipped a little more forward than some—but these comments were in the minority as most of our team felt perfectly dialed straight off the rack, stance-wise. A couple testers noted that the fit over the top of the foot felt a little tight and that the top of the tongue felt initially firm, but these issues got better with more time in the boot—a sign that taking the time to mold the Intuition liner will help substantially.

Sizes (MP) 
22.5, 23.5...27.5
Hike Mode 
Heat Moldable Liner 
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  • “Nice, even medium fit—snug in all the right places. Quick to respond and powerful.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Skis like a 100 flex! Solid.” -- Julia Carr
  • “Good stance. Quick and fun—a versatile all-mountain boot.” -- Amy Post
  • “A true medium fit—comfortably snug. Mobile, strong and responsive!” -- Allison McGuirk
  • “Skied very well—you could be aggressive and the boot held up.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Snug fit hugs the foot with no hot spots. Sleek looking with finger-friendly buckles.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly


  • “Feels heavier than other boots in the category.” -- Allison McGuirk
  • “Cuff felt a little too low for me.” -- Julia Carr

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Seattle, WA
Warren, VT
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Telluride, CO
Telluride, CO
Ellicottville, NY

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