K2 Spyre 110

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Testers were impressed all over again with the Spyre 110's boot test performance. Amongst a crowd of power boots in a hard charging category, the sapphire blue newcomer held its own on all testing fronts: power, quickness, dynamic balance and comfort. Testers put the boot well toward the top in power and stability score tallies and mentioned that the boot's lower cuff height enabled a heightened foot feel for the snow and rapid fire movements turn to turn. This same lower cuff and a more-forward-than-average lean angle had a few testers feeling a little out over the top of the boot, but the Velcro rear spoiler is easily removed or can be ground thinner for those looking for a more upright position to ski from.

Testers loved the Spyre 110's generally tight fit tension throughout the lower boot, but some testers also found a bit of inconsistency in the fit there. Subsequent custom liner tests brought much improvement to the fit, especially over the midfoot and in the toebox, so those trying on this boot should keep that in mind.

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  • “Easy to roll on edge and great support for aggressive skiing—accurate flex.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Strong, powerful boots—felt good for aggressive skiing!” -- Allison McGuirk
  • “Very grounded feel—solid 110+ flex. Simple but pretty.” -- Danielle Goldsmith
  • “Love the color!” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “Fantastic advanced boot for a skier who is willing to drive it.” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Good edge powe, and I love the color.” -- Brigid Kennaday
  • “Powerful and stable throughout the turn—good support front to back.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly


  • “With the spoiler in the stance was a little too forward to me—I'd probably thin it a bit.” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Toes are a little cramped—would definitely heat mold the liner with toe caps.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly
  • “They're not as lively as I would have liked.” -- Linda Parazoo

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Killington, VT
Warren, VT

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