Lange SX 120

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The SX 120 isn't just for wide feet (although they will be super well accommodated). It's also for average to narrow feet that get cold easily or tend to go numb with tight fitting boots. There's nothing wrong with a relaxed fit so long as the key fit zones—instep, ankle and heel—are held stable so they can control the ski. And that's where the SX 120 shines.

Testers with all different kinds of foot shapes praised how well it skied. They said it worked well partly due to its comfy grasp of the rear foot but mostly because its stance angles work so well, even with a skinny foot doing the hotdog in a hallway dance.

Updated cosmetics has given the SX 120 a fresh look but it's still a sedate number—good for dads, young grandpas and those who don’t want to bling out as long as the can rip their turns. But don't let the conservative graphic fool you. Testers unanimously vouched for its on-snow game. One tester cage-matched the SX on one foot and the Lange RS 140 on the other and said arc for arc the SX 120 matched the RS power game (albeit in soft snow).

In addition to a roomy forefoot and toebox, the calf fit is generous and with a removable rear spoiler, even more so. The height over the midfoot and instep is on par with wide boot norm—roomy but not sloppy. Testers called this the 102mm gold fit standard.


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  • “Good power and support. ” -- Eric Lilley
  • “Like a comfy sweatshirt you have had forever.” --
  • “Quick return to neutral. Great feel for the snow. ” -- Jeff "JC" Costales
  • “Would be appropriate for the 'big boned' skier. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Very good transition of power to edge. ” -- Eric Kipp
  • “Feels tailored made. And righteous looks. ” -- Marc Stewart


  • “Narrower than most in this category. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Wish liner didn't open up as much as it did. ” -- Marc Stewart

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Schweitzer, ID
Newton, MA
Valatie, NY
Taos Ski Valley, NM

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