Nordica Dobermann EDT 130

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Doberman(n)s are world famous for being tenacious watchdogs.  So this boot is aptly named, as we consider it something of a sentinel. By example, it watches over what a true performance boot should be: simple, functional, comfortable by virtue of shape and unadorned by the features and fluff that can sometimes get in the way of the goal: performance skiing.

The Dobermann EDT 130 is the most recent (and we think best) version of several Dobie iterations over the years. While it returns unchanged for this season, it again reminded our test team why it is one of the category’s standard-bearers.

It's one of the narrowest fitting boots in the group. It tapers from its now more open toebox and forefoot to a narrowing grip through the ankle and heel, maintaining a low, close fit through the instep. It favors the truly low-volume foot, though many a thick foot will wedge into the Dobermann with a bootfitter's help, drawn to it for how well it skis.

It is rigid. It sends skier movements to ski with no loss of transmission and it does so without much cushioning in between. The thin liner puts the foot right on the deck of the bootboard. While the bootboard is softer than in previous versions, it is designed to broadcast every electronvolt of energy to the ski below. This set-up favors the smooth, firm surfaces where frontside boots typically excel. The Dobermann loves faster speeds and harder snow. The faster and harder the better.

If you're looking for an off-trail charger look at Nordica’s Patron Pro, which is de-tuned (barely) to better handle off-piste applications.

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3-10 (U.K.)
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Heat Moldable Liner 
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  • “Slot car style performance. Hugs the track like no other.” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “Other than very high level racers, nobody needs more power than this. Crazy strong.” -- Mason Tuor
  • “Thoroughbred powerful. Can be harnessed and sparked to run when needed.” --
  • “Foot felt flat on the floor. Makes a direct connection with the ski.” -- Mark Elling


  • “Liner too thin to provide real warmth and comfort.” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “Would've been best in category if not for difficulty getting it on and off.” -- Stacy Crumpler

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