Rossignol Allspeed Elite 130

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Just because it's Allspeed doesn't mean those guys are grinding their teeth—those are just big, sh$#-eating grins! This involuntary smiling response was a common boot test side-effect from skiing the new Allspeed Elite 130, the flagship narrow class rip-machine leading the Rossi fixed-cuff pack of 98 mm, 100 mm, and 102mm Allspeed newcomers this year. It came, it saw…well, you get the picture. A unanimously positive response to a new boot is rare but that's what the Elite 130 received. Out of 30+ boots tested in the All-Mountain Traditionalist category, it tied for first place with one other boot—both of which also tied for the test's overall highest score total.

The all-new molds in three widths span the flex range from 130 down to 80 but they all share a common shell construction. They also all employ polyether or polyurethane plastic and a unique, ribbed rear spine construction called Sensor Blade that increases torsional rigidity while shaving weight.

Testers called the boot light and lively and said it will put a stiff ski on a rail and guide it with alacrity through all phases of any turn. The Allspeed impressed testers with a combination of neutral power (strong but not over-edged), at-the-ready maneuverability and a snappy flex feel that outclassed the field.

We conducted custom liner molding tests, but fit scores didn't change drastically; the un-molded liner is a gem and received very high marks right out of the box. Testers placed the fit squarely in the middle of the narrow boot class, with a touch more toebox room than most. Many said the out-of-box shape mirrored that of boots that would have taken hours of fit work to get tight-but-right. The biggest change noted in the Optisensor liner post-molding was at the ankle pockets, which were amazing, testers said.

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  • “Perfect wrap and fit everywhere with a touch of extra toe box room. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “This boot communicates well with the foot...” -- Erik Korman
  • “This is a winner. ” -- Mike Wiksten
  • “Hugged my foot in all the right places. no bells, all out ski boot.” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “Very stable at speed. Neutral steering. Great feel. ” -- Eric Lilley
  • “Effortless grip, real nice transitions. ” -- Brian Elling
  • “Quick, nimble, and well mannered. ” -- Greg Coulter
  • “Feel for the snow, dynamic balance, power, awesome. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Easy in/out despite the beef overlap design. Bold, quick, decisive. ” -- Steve Cohen
  • “Drives the ski like a rally pilot. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “Runs long. ” -- Erik Korman
  • “Very large narrow boot, thought it was in the medium category. ” -- Brian Elling
  • “The snug forefoot can cause numbness. ” -- Bob Gleason

This boot available at...

Stowe, VT
Glenmont, NY
Big Bear Lake, CA
Chicago, IL
Princeton, MA
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Telluride, CO

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