Salomon X Max 110 W

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One tester called it a “chameleon” for how many different foot types and skiing styles the X Max 110 W accommodates. Other testers echoed that sentiment reflecting on the boot's calf adjustment feature and the 360 Custom Shell’s ability to shape around the skier's foot and lower leg shaft when heated.

Our lighter weight testers with low volume feet and average to slender calves most liked the 110 W’s snow handling capabilities. “Lively, responsive, snappy, light” were terms we found amidst the top-notch agility scores and comments the boot received. And while our bigger, taller women appreciated the calf adjustment feature that opens up the fit at boot top, a few felt the flex a little under-gunned and not quite up to its 110 labeling.

Some testers noted that the fit runs long and wide in the toebox—similar to the men's X Max. That opens up a fit option for skiers with wide feet who normally have difficulty finding a happy home of their own in the narrow frontside category.  It offers others a chance to drop down a size into a snugger overall fit without suffering toenail wrath.

Some testers with alignment issues were disappointed that the Oversized Pivot attachment points of upper to lower cuffs were not jumbo cuff adjusters (sorry!), but our 360 Custom Shell tests have shown that the cuff will indeed shift angle a bit during molding to better match the skier's lower leg shaft and improve balance.

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  • “Slinky, solid.” -- Liz Elling
  • “I have a relatively low volume foot and this is a perfect fit. Very smooth and easy to ski.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly
  • “The stance and flex were very comfortable. For a black boot these are pretty.” -- Brigid Kennaday
  • “Once I sized down it was tremendously solid underfoot and snug.” -- Danielle Goldsmith
  • “Moves quickly edge-to-edge. Super responsive on firm snow.” -- Tosha Treat
  • “Perfect for a narrower foot. Loved the snappy flex feel.” -- Nancy Walther
  • “Sweet balance and great feedback from snow to boot.” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “Powerful and precise. My alignment was perfectly stacked.” -- Jana Rogers


  • “Too soft for me. Better for lighter weight skiers.” -- Heather Risseeuw
  • “Most people won't know to try-on the smaller size. With its generous fit, it’s often the better choice here.” -- Danielle Goldsmith
  • “The shin isn't so comfortable.” -- Tosha Treat

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