Tecnica Mach1 130 MV

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At a time when many medium width boots achieve “comfort” by being too roomy, Tecnica creates comfort and performance through a more anatomical shape. From the inside to the outside of the liner and to the closely mated shell shape, careful attention has been paid to matching the contours of the foot and lower leg. Testers approve across the board: comfort is performance here.


The Mach1 130 MV resides on the snug side of the medium category average, meaning it fits the way a medium width used to not very long ago.  It offers an evenly distributed squeeze on the average foot with a skooch more room at the bony points of the ankles, navicular and the forefoot.

The liner's interior has a firm but cushioned feel that wraps the foot well. It transitions seamlessly through the instep and throat of boot up into the cuff where the shin fit is firm but evenly matched to the leg's shape. Testers wrote many "made for me," and "perfect," comments in their fit notes.  One simply wrote: "I love you."


Frontside category edge grip and stability at speed are paired with off-piste design elements (grippy toe and heel plates) and a thick-enough liner to help moderate off-trail chop. Testers noted confidence-inspiring accuracy and power through all terrain and snow conditions.

It steers with no loss of movement and rolls the ski onto edge with a no-compromises torsional strength that makes your ski edges feel instantly sharper. Several testers mentioned skiing better in this boot than in their own.

Cool Features

In many ways the best bootfitting is the bootfitting that you don't need to do. This is a boot, as many bootfitters will attest, that doesn't tend to need much babysitting, fit-wise. It sells, goes out the door and spends its life skiing bell to bell, not hanging out in the shop getting punched and grinded.

That said, The C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) shell and liner are designed to make bootfitting modifications targeted and effective. Make more room exactly where needed, not in a sloppy wholesale fashion that renders key fit zones too-loose as a byproduct. Bravo Tecnica (from all us bootfitters).

Oh yeah, most testers dig the cam lock power strap hook doodad that lets you disengage the strap without having to pull the strap end through the cam.



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  • “Wraps my Achilles and ankle like I wrap a breakfast burrito, tight and right!” -- Jeff "JC" Costales
  • “Progressive flex with plenty of rebound. Killer quickness, crazy fun!” -- Erik Korman
  • “A positive, comfortable, controllable platform—happily surprised!” -- Eric Kipp
  • “All the precision steering of a frontside boot with a smooth feel.” -- Keith Holmquist
  • “Great connection to the snow, like my foot was drilled to the ski!” --
  • “This is a benchmark product—the combination of finesse and stability is top of the stack.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Quick, agile, lively—put it on and go. I'm really impressed. Race car power.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Rolls easily from edge to edge. Even, consistent fit. Good job.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Hugs and snugs all the right places. Smooth flex curve puts power to the edge.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Best of test.” -- Eino Holm
  • “Feels gyroscopically balanced with Bilstein strut support.” -- Steve Cohen
  • “Proprioceptive excellence! Killer feel for what is going on underfoot.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Smooth and sophisticated, the flex is nice and progressive, trustworthy.” -- Garrick Dardani


  • “Pretty tight on the instep.” -- Eric Kipp

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