Apex XP

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All-Mountain Traditional
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125 tested;115-125-135
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The Gist

Testers ran the 2018 Apex XP through the gauntlet of indoor fit tests, custom liner tests, on-snow performance tests, and as with last year's test of the XP, they liked the way the open-chassis frame is now better connected with the inner boot than in the past and they appreciated the now shorter boot sole length than was found on previous versions.

The Fit

The initial slide into the dual Boa reel walking boot is a sublime comfort experience for boot testers--the best part of the Apex fit system is the fact that the "walk mode" is a heat moldable snowboard-boot-like inner with a soft, traction sole. Our custom molding tests performed on the liner showed subtle improvement over the already well-padded, comfy fit, testers said. Engaging the inner boot into the open-chassis frame is a toe-first, then drive the heel in, affair. After corralling and securing the long, buckle straps, several testers mentioned that the pleasant, even fit of the inner boot was negatively affected by the external frame. They cited hotspot areas cited at the navicular, the outside of the foot at the styloid and heel pocket. Apex confirms that in situations where fit issues are not fixed by liner molding the open chassis can handle some light grinding and heat stretching with the help of a skilled bootfitter.


For a skier whose primary complaint about ski boots is how difficult they are for him to walk in, the Apex is an obvious solution—exit the open chassis, throw the skis over a shoulder, hold the poles and the pair of frames in the other hand, and off you go! One of our testers needed to ski down, drive to shipping/receiving, load boxes, return to the chairlift carrying gear and then slide to the mid-mountain lodge—he wore the Apex boots for a reason! Testers had the most success with the XP on smooth, predictable and low-angle surfaces. Laterally the boot is strong and smooth and glides groomers in tall-standing, stately arcs, but testers said that variable snow and more demanding terrain resulted in more pilot effort, and fewer smooth transitions.

Cool Features

The stiffness and forward lean position is adjustable on the XP using the rear Flex-Arm, and the walking boot employs a high-traction Vibram Icetrek outsole and a Thinsulate inner. A dual-sided lateral cuff adjustment is key for getting edge angles dialed, and it's available on the XP.

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  • 2017-18 Apex XP at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Apex XP at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Apex XP at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test


  • “It's easy to get into the walking boot and the boot is laterally very stiff.” -- Eric Kipp
  • “The soft inner boot fit well—dual sport instructors should own this boot!” -- Greg Coulter
  • “Has the highest level of adjustability in forward lean and stiffness, and apres mode without the frame is unsurpassed!” -- Jim Morris
  • “Comfy and warm for sure! Steering is its strong suit—great for low-intensity skiing.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “It turns into a snowboard boot when out of the shell—if that's what you're into. ” -- Ryan Oswald
  • “Each new generation of Apex shows improvement—unique independent inner boot.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “It was warm!” -- Jack Rafferty


  • “Too tight in the navicular and too loose everywhere else. Feel was non-existent.” -- Greg Coulter
  • “The Boa system caused pressure points and numbness” -- Ryan Oswald
  • “I used my custom insole for testing and it was the only piece of this system that worked.” -- Jackson Hogen
  • “It misses the crispness and connection to the ski of a traditional ski boot.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “…But probably from working so hard to control it.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “I had zero heel retention and never found the tips of my skis.” -- Eric Kipp

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