Lange RX 130 LV

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The Gist

$850 worth of skiing perfection is what one tester called the all new 2018 Lange RX 130 LV. The rest of the test team agreed, putting this one at the very top of the narrow All-Mountain category and giving it the highest score of all the men's All-Mountain boots, regardless of width.

The Fit

Some testers described the fit of the RX 130 LV as, just like the frontside RS 130 but easier-going. Others said that at first the RX LV didn't feel tight-enough but then once they skied it they realized that it was just that it was so well-shaped that none of their bony spots were barking at them—it didn't ski loose, they explained. The new shell shape and liner shape are well-contoured to the foot and leg, and the two are well-matched to each other, with minimal tolerances between the exterior of the liner and the interior of the shell—no foot shearing or gappy feel here, testers claimed. Cuff height, shin fit and calf fit all got "ideal" marks.


Take a few laps through the race course, hammer a zipper line, grab a fatty and bury yourself in pow— testers said the RX 130 LV is the driver of choice for all those applications. Testers affirmed that the RX 130 LV has tons of brute strength on edge, at speed, but without sacrificing quickness. Which was better, its power or quickness? Dead heat, they said—the new RX shell construction utilizes a unique plastic injection method that creates a dual-density shell wall, in the lower boot and the cuff. This reportedly gives the boot a new lively, elastic feel. Testers reported that it ain't just marketing mumbo jumbo—as proof, quickness and agility scores were through the roof.

Cool Features

We think it's cool that a performance-oriented guy with a medium foot could stuff himself in here with some clean bootwork, thanks to the mono-injected polyether shell and cuff that makes grinds and stretches easy. WTR (Walk to Ride) soles can be swapped on here if you're into that—gotta have a WTR compatible binding with those. Testers like the simple, Velcro power strap and single-side, set-screw-style cuff adjustment.

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Cantology Compatible 
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  • 2017-18 Lange RX 130 LV at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Lange RX 130 LV at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • Charlie Bradley testing the 2017-18 Lange RX 130 LV at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • Charlie Bradley testing the 2017-18 Lange RX 130 LV at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • Erik Korman testing the 2017-18 Lange RX 130 LV at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test


  • “They took a good boot and made it even better.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “I loved how high I could shape the turn and how deep into the arc I could get.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “The definition of correct stance and balance point!” -- Jackson Hogen
  • “These should be flying off the shelves in any shop.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “See RS 130 review—only slightly looser.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Locked-on and lively.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Finely sculpted shape, the foot match is ideal. The stance is modern yet from a performance tradition—upright, yet balanced.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Nice changes to the shell and liner—roomier and tighter where it needed to be.” -- Jeff Harper
  • “Lots of comfort for such a high performance ride. No effort sweet spot!” -- Jim Morris
  • “Strong and powerful but lets you feather the turn—like it was made for me!” --
  • “This burly, damp ride tames choppy terrain. Mellowed high performance machine.” -- Marc Stewart


  • “The fit is in no way close to that of the RS.” -- Jeff Rich
  • “I couldn't tighten it up enough and not hurt my feet.” -- Stacy Crumpler

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