Fischer My Curv 110 Vacuum Full Fit

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The 2018/2019 Fischer My Curv 110 Vacuum Full Fit was tested in the women's All-Mountain narrow category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The 2019 Fischer My Curv 110 Vacuum Full Fit was one of our test team's favorite All-Mountain boots for its even, customizable fit, its progressive flex feel and dialed stance angles. They liked the way this boot skied through a variety of terrain and in every turn radius.

The Fit

Testers felt that the stock, non-Vacuumed fit was on the roomy side of the narrow fit group, but they suggested it might be snugged up with a high-pressure Vacuum molding session. They liked the new liner's, pre-shaped 3-D ankle pockets, and of the flex-stabilizing inlaid composite panel on the lower shell's medial side, one tester said this boot had the most consistent-feeling flex of the test for her. Testers did mention that the out-of-box calf fit was tighter than the general tension of the lower boot.


Testers liked the stock stance angles of the My Curve 110—this was a marked improvement over testers' take on Fischer's narrow women's boots of the past. Lively and full of energy with snappy, crisp transitions is how one tester described it. Another commented that turn initiation was effortless. Testers thought it was a fine All-Mountain boot for virtually any skier, from intermediate to expert.

Cool Features

While we didn't custom test Fischer Vacuum Full Fit boots at this year's test using Fischer's complete fit station, our previous tests have shown this to be an effective fitting and stance alignment tool. We did, however, perform Vacuum Zone Fit customization of the lower boot with Fischer's cool, adhesive heating pads, and testers agreed that it was a very effective way to make spot expansions using the skier's own foot in the boot as the press.


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  • “Decent edge power. This boot does the job. Impressively nimble--energetic and reliable.” -- Ashley Teren
  • “The lower boot is wider than other narrows--lace up capability on the liner is a nice touch! Its flex pattern is nice, smooth and consistent. Skis a bit more upright than others in the category, even with spoiler installed. Has the best power strap!” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Fast and quick turns came easily. I felt smooth edge to edge and very much in control. Very solid boot--felt balanced and the stiffness was on the money at 110 which I liked! Easy in and out.” -- Kori Coggin


  • “The low height in toe box and narrow forefoot stand out from the rest of the boot's easy fit—perhaps Vacuum molding would even it out.” -- Megen Johnson

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