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The 2018/2019 Head Nexo Lyt 130 G was tested in the men's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The all new 2019 Head Nexo Lyt 130 G packs so many cool and functional design elements into a single boot that testers were amazed it could remain so light! The medium-width newcomer to the Head family pleased testers with its synapse-quick reaction time underfoot (not surprising to testers given its light weight and snugly contoured fit around the foot and instep) but it shocked testers with its deep edge power and top-end stability at speed.

The Fit

The thin shell walled lower boot and Perfect Fit 3D Evo Custom liner combine to place a close-to-skin grip on the foot, testers said, who cited a snuggest side of medium width fit around the foot, throwing scores of 2's and 3's out of 5 toward the lower boot. Testers made particular comments about the well-shaped, snug fit of the ankle and hell pockets, as well as a toebox that they said was "perfect" for a modern medium width. The upper cuff flares from a snug wrap just above the throat of the boot to a more open boot top where testers with thicker calves appreciated the extra room. Several testers commented about an inconsistent fit against the shin, noting either an edgy feel down low or a gappy feel up high—most said that this improved with skiing and with the various custom fitting processes available.


Testers liked the direct connection to the ski that came from a snug fit in the lower boot and the thin feeling, stiff Grilflex plastic in the lower shell. They said turns were easily tuned into the snow and were quickly connected from arc to arc through a variety of snow and terrain. Testers with slender legs found that the open cuff fit put them in a bit of a search for the fore-aft sweet spot, but once there could tip and rip laterally, laying deep, gouging trenches with confidence. Testers with thicker legs felt placed right where they wanted to be, front to back. Testers who went through Liquid Fit liner injection process noticed performance gains in terms of improved steering and edge feathering movements as the result of a more snug heel and ankle area.

Cool Features

The use of Grilflex (a polyamide plastic like Grilamid) with Graphene powder additive in the injection process of the lower shell and Grilflex in the upper cuff makes the Nexo Lyt the only All-Mountain boot we tested with all polyamide construction. Most other brands are steering their lightest materials toward hike-mode models. Testers would agree with the Head hype that the Graphene additive seems to give the boot a more damp feel—similar to polyurethane but with the benefit of lighter weight. Testers universally approved of the Liquid Fit injection process, finding it an immediately discernable fit enhancement. The process involves injecting the ankle and heel area on both the medial and lateral side of the liner with a syrup-like material that fills thin, hollow packets there. We tested this liner customization extensively at the boot test this year and testers like the simple and intuitive nature of it—you wear the boot while it's injected and choose when to say, "When!" We found it easy to decide when enough was enough for a better fit in the ankles and heel, but just in case you overdid it, it can be easily removed. We did some long-term testing on the injected liners and found that the material did not sag or ooze out of place over time—pretty cool stuff.

GripWalk soles are available as an accessory purchase. Lightweight Superleggera buckles are cool, we think, and there's two liner pull loops, a Velcro power strap and a single side cuff adjustment. For the stance-challenged skier needing help beyond the cuff adjustment, Head's canted soles are available as an additional purchase.

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  • “Liquid Fit application was a good enhancement and nicely rounded out the fit, and placing the power strap tightly over the liner helped to feel more engaged with the cuff. The Nexo shines when heavily edged--the Liquid Fit helped connect my rear foot to the power center of the boot without making it too tight.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “New lightweight shells are a nice reprieve from the heavy boots of the past. Balance felt neutral in all aspects and it puts down a strong, solid edge even in unpredictable conditions--surprisingly quick through challenging snow. I can definitely see a need to get the goo job after a couple of runs worth of break-in.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Wraps around upper calf well, providing good leverage. Not much buckle pressure is required for complete closure and control of the foot and leg--like they're made just for me! They allow very responsive, precise use of both skis, and the light weight keeps you out skiing longer.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Going through the full meal deal customization process (Perfect Fit liner, Form Fit shell, Liquid Fit injection) improved the fit, stance and overall performance of the Nexo at each step along the way—especially improving how it fit against the shin for me. As an experiment I only cooked one Form Fit shell and tested it against its uncooked mate and there was no apparent deficiency in stiffness or power after molding.” -- Mark Elling


  • “I noticed a funny feeling bump in the tongue just above the instep. The cuff felt a little low and absent fore and aft--kind of like playing tennis with an old-school racket with a small sweet spot. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Initially I felt a little bit of a shin bar but it got much better after skiing and custom molding” -- Mark Elling

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