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The 2018/2019 Nordica Speedmachine 105 W was tested in the women's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The 2019 Nordica Speedmachine 105 W returned again this year to even higher levels of tester stoke, finding its way onto the podium and into silver medal position among a very large and strong group of medium-width All-Mountain boots. Testers praised its ease of fit (it had the highest score in the category for Anatomical Fit & Initial Feel), warmth and convenience and all-around-the-hill skiing skill set. This one has broad bandwidth and appeal for a variety of ability levels and different foot types, testers said.

The Fit

The Speedmachine 105 W nails the medium-width fit profile according to testers. Perhaps a little on the roomy and relaxed side of the group, they said, but with enough firmness in the ankle pockets (thin and sculpted cork panels are used on the liner there) and instep to retain the foot for controlled skiing movements. The initial liner feel against the foot is classic Nordica—silky, padded and well-draped against the foot. First fit impressions were universally positive, with comments about fitting a variety of feet well being widespread. Flex feel and stance marks were similarly good. No problems!


Testers thought the Speedmachine 105 W was supremely capable in all manner of snow conditions and terrain, but perhaps not as strong or quick as one or two other models in the category on account of the cushy liner and extra room in the lower boot. They were okay with this trade-off for the Speedmachine's luxuriant feel, and thought it a minor demerit that most wouldn't ever notice. Transitions turn to turn were effortless, thanks to its neutral stance angles, and testers found that it was responsive in short turns and long turns alike.

Cool Features

The Tri-Force shell design keeps thicker plastic where it needs to be for power and stability and thins the plastic of the lower shell in areas where more flexibility and foot-wrapping needs to happen—this shaves some excess weight and also enables the Infrared bootfitting system to work properly. The Infrared heating system warms the thin areas in common fit problem areas to molding temperature, and then a vacuum driven suction cup is placed on the tight spot and the shell stretch is sucked into position. GripWalk rockered soles are available as an accessory purchase.

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  • “Great initial feel, easy to put on and take off, hugs foot and leg like a glove--very comfortable and cushy tongue. One of those few boots you could wear comfortably all day. I like the moldable cork in the liner, also prevents the liner from slipping in the shell.” --
  • “Great initial feel. Soft enough. Touches the foot well. Tapered, snug heel; nice lateral column accommodation, feels like a good fit as you ski. The feeling between shin and back of boot felt symmetrical.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “It feels the same out skiing as it does inside-- smiley stars! Its neutral stance feels great and it responds well to skiing movements—consistent, progressive, balanced.” -- Melodie Buell
  • “Wears like a cushy, cozy slipper inside--super comfortable. This is a great boot for cruising the groomers on a sunny day at a medium pace. ” -- Karey Scholey


  • “Feels a little squishy fore and aft for a supposed 105 flex.” --
  • “It's a bit soft in flex compared to its rating.” -- Melodie Buell

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