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The 2018/2019 Nordica Speedmachine 130 was tested in the men's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The 2019 Nordica Speedmachine 130 returned to our boot test unchanged after last year's revised liner (a more snug heel and stiffer cuff material) and testers gave it the thumbs up, again, but even more up this time for its complete but cushioned envelopment of the foot but paired with a high performance feel on snow. It still skied on autopilot--so easy, testers said. Classic Nordica liner feel topped the comfort score column with the Speedmachine, testers said, but it did so without feeling gutless—winner, winner.

The Fit

It's still on the wide side of the medium group in the toebox and forefoot, and plenty dreamy, creamy, cushy upon one's first slide-in (which is super easy), but the fit quickly narrows to a firm wrap around the ankles and on the heel, which is much improved over its debut year, testers agreed. The fit is evenly medium, testers say, through the instep and into the lower leg zone, which has a more locked-in, athletic feel due to the stiffer liner cuff construction. The flex feel is dead-on for comfortable (but high-end) skiing moves and testers liked the Power Driver plate that slides on the power strap for spreading pressure across the tongue.


This is the Volvo XC 90 of ski boots, one tester said. Sure, why not--all-wheel-drive, 250 horsepower, paddle shifters and plenty of leg room! Testers say the Speedmachine 130 practically skis for you it's so well-balanced and reactive to the surface underfoot. The thin-walled Tri-Force shell puts the foot in direct-feeling contact with the ski, though without a lack of padding or creature comfort, and it maintains a solid feel while on edge at all speeds. This is a boot that shouldn't ski as well as it does based on the high perceived level of comfort, but it does, and testers weren't complaining.

Cool Features

Testers liked the 3-D Cork Fit Primaloft liner construction for its firm, transmissive feel, insulating quality and molding capabilities. We really like the trick Infrared shell molding system developed initially for the Speedmachine (and now for Promachine, Sportmachine and Strider boots)—the infrared heater brings the shell up to ideal molding temperature and a suction-cup of varying sizes and shapes is applied to the hot shell and the suction pulls the punch into place. The only real disappointment in the system is the fact that it will be rarely used, since the boot fits so well (and roomy where most need it) out of the box.

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  • “This is pretty much how boots should fit--consistent shell tension all the way around the foot. I'm super impressed with how smooth the buckles closed--like shutting the door to a luxury sedan. It's got a great liner that was equally snug from toe to heel without too much pinch. The Speedmachine 130 is a solid driver and a great performing boot for a weekend warrior--sweet looking boot on the shelf and an equally sweet skiing boot for its category. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “This boot is messianic--it saves lost soul feet. It is an oasis in the desert of dinged digits. Although it has all the fuzzy dice it rides like a Porsche, shifts gears with ease, took all my acceleration and left me gripping the wheel! Orgasmic--all day and all night in these, and so, so very nice to put on and take off.” -- Mark Korman
  • “So cushy and comfy—what a love-bucket fit from first try on! Only a few other things in life slide in as nicely as your foot into a Speedmachine!” -- Mark Elling
  • “Great feeling from shin to toe--fits like the one would expect for the medium last group. Good power edge to edge. Nimble and predictable. Great all-around performing boot for the all-mountain skier!” -- Neal Scholey


  • “It's a bit low across the mid-foot. And this is no 130 flex in comparison with the top boots in the class.” -- Charlie Bradley

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