Rossignol Allspeed 100

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The 2018/2019 Rossignol Allspeed 100 was tested in the men's All-Mountain wide category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

In another Best of Test performance for the 2019 Allspeed 100, it returned to this year's boot test to rank as the highest scoring Soft-Value boot among all the men's All-Mountain boots. What this means, say testers, is that you can save yourself a couple hundred bucks and still get yourself set up with gold medal fit (it's properly curvy and roomy) and category tops All-Mountain performance (stiffer than 100, they said). So why the heck not?

The Fit

It's a wide ride with plenty of volume, its liner is cushioned and soft, and yet the Allspeed 100 has enough grab on the foot to enable high-end skiing movements and control big skis. One of our testers last year summed-up the Allspeed's fit like this: "It's like hugging a big, curvy, hot chick and feeling the softness and the firmness in all the right places." We still think that's a good way to say it. Testers also say the cuff is tall, upright and that its fit is open enough for big-dude legs.


Testers are impressed with how strongly this boot skis for a 100 flex. It's probably a bit mislabeled (110ish is more like it), but testers also cite the dialed stance angles and enough torsional and lateral rigidity to tip a ski on edge and manage it there through a variety of terrain at virtually every speed. Several of our testers mentioned throwing everything they had at it and it never failed.

Cool Features

The price is really its best feature—best bang for your buck of the entire test, one tester said. But the fact that there's a 120-flex and a 130-flex version of this (oh, and an 80) means the options are many for high-volume foot and leg guys. It does have a Thinsulate liner, but if you're buying this boot we're betting you don't get too cold. This year GripWalk soles are available as an improved strolling add-on, for use with GripWalk compatible bindings.

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Allspeed 130, $750; Allspeed 120, $600; Allspeed 80, $400
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  • “Simple is its primary feature--fits the fat foot great.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Excellent attention to heel hold and ankle retention. 100-flex and skis at the World Cup level—well, almost! It's powerful, just add a little spoiler or a fatter calf and send it! No frills, no need when you get Maserati feel at $399--jeepers!” -- Erik Korman
  • “Good solid feel. Well balanced, with easy transitions from edge to edge. The cuff allows for excellent leverage from turn to turn. Very nice liner. Warm and comfy. Easy to use buckles. Overall great boot! ” -- Pat Sullivan


  • “Low ramp and low cuff can put you a bit in the backseat—a bigger calf will help that.” -- Mark Elling

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