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The 2018/2019 Tecnica Mach1 LV Pro W was tested in the women's All-Mountain narrow category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The 2019 Tecnica Mach1 Pro W LV pleased testers with its comfortable liner and strong 115 flex that delivered smooth, solid turns through soft, variable terrain and over hard surfaces alike. One tester claimed that these were sexy enough for super models, and another said they provided everything a ripper girl could want, so we're going with that—looks good, skis well. This is a true narrow fit in the lower boot, they vouch, noting that the forefoot is quite tight on the bony points and will need a light grind or punch for all but the most slender of feet. Bravo, we say—narrows should be narrow!

The Fit

In combination with a narrow-snug fit in the lower boot—particularly in the heel pocket and forefoot-- the upper cuff remains remarkably comfortable along the calf, which testers widely approved of. Women with narrow feet and slightly thicker lower legs should not be scared off into medium-width territory, as this one may suit nicely. Several testers mentioned that the top of the shin fit was a bit edgy feeling, but each was won over by how well the boot performed on snow—meaning it wasn't a fit deal-breaker for them.


Our test team applauded the 115 flex—perfect for solid skiers who have a history of over-powering women's boots at the 100-105 level. There were no such comments here. While firm in its flex-feel, testers commented that the power supply was predictable and smooth, not harsh. This was easily tapped power that did testers' bidding in a variety of conditions.

Cool Features

The signature Mach1 Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) technology is expanded here beyond just the pre-dimpled stretch zones for common fit problem areas and a moldable-grindable EVA liner. Here the calf is moldable—both shell and liner, simultaneously—by way of the C.A.S. Cuff Adapt feature. A unique heating pad warms the low temperature plastic insert (and liner) to a moldable state, and then the boot is worn to match the cuff to the leg. The cuff can reduce its volume by 5 percent for slender legs or increase its volume by 10 percent for thicker legs. This is the sort of bootfitter (and skier) friendly feature that Tecnica's Project 165* team is becoming known for.

*(their bootfitter consultants group, one of which is on our ABB test team: Greg Hoffmann)

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Mach1 LV 105 W, $720; Mach1 LV 95 W, $600
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  • “Sexy mofo—here's a boot for the super models. Nearly perfect stance and jaguar powerful—kapow! Exceptionally engineered--this boot becomes one with your body. Think and it's already turning.” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Comes with a firm initial fit. A touch on the snug side at the 5th met head area. It's comfortable but not too plush feeling—feels like it means business. The flex feel was progressive with a bit of high-energy snap back. The power transfer was present and effective. You moved against the boot and had immediate control of the entire edge. An absolute dream to ski in. I felt like the proper skier I should be! Impressive.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Cuff height felt taller on the leg, though it measured similar to other boots in this category. Comfy enough for extended stretches on the beginner hill yet fitted enough for high performance turns on the steeps. Soft and fluid feeling--easy to maintain balance over a range of turn shapes and maneuvers. My toes have never been so toasty warm; see you later boot heaters!” -- Kim Holzer


  • “Very supportive in all directions but bites my upper shin so hard I didn't want to flex my ankles.” -- Megen Johnson

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