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The 2020/2021 Head Edge Lyt 100 W is reviewed in the women's All-Mountain Traditional wide category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.


The Gist

Head did right with their wide one—that was what one tester said of the new Edge Lyt 100 W, which returns unchanged for this season save minor cosmetic changes--and that sentiment was mirrored universally among the team. A fault-free performance from this light and airy cavern was what the they agreed on—no problems with fit for the high volume foot and leg, no problems with speeding up the cadence when needed, no problems putting a big ski on edge at speed, and certainly no problems sliding this one on and off. Extra leverage buckles and Liquid Fit liner technology sweetened the deal.

The Fit

One tester said upon trying it on for the first time, I can't wait to ski this--it feels awesome! And that about sums it up for this wide performer. Testers felt the length ran true to size and it was an easy, one-handed slide on followed by a straightforward buckle-up without confusing straps or overlaps. The toebox and forefoot got quite roomy fit scores with a more tapered fit back into the ankles and heel for a controlling grip on the foot. The instep was appropriately vaulted for the thicker foot and the lower leg fit had none of the jabby fit zones that have plagued some of Head's medium and wide women's boots of yore. Some testers thought the calf was a little tighter than it should have been but they noted that Form Fit shell molding would solve any pinch there with ease.


Our test team was shocked at how strong and accurate this boot was, considering it's a thinner shell wall model and wide and comfy as well. Testers put this boot at the top of their list in the All-Mountain wide group right alongside the Lange LX 90 W, so it's among good company there at the top, and they agreed it was Head's best-skiing wide boot they'd ever tested. Testers who underwent the Liquid Fit injection process found that the snugging up the open, stock heel pocket powered up the Edge Lyt's lateral moves, quickening its pace turn to turn.

Cool Features

Though is visible set of features is straightforward--35mm Velcro power strap, double (for the women's model) cuff adjustment, single liner pull loop--the internals of the Edge Lyt 130 are pretty cool. The lower shell extends higher than most in the front portion, blending the instep up into the cuff wrap in so-called "Hi-Top Tech" which testers felt gave the boot a seamless flex feel and more direct transmission to the shovel of the ski. Graphene is used as an additive to the polyurethane construction as a way to strengthen the plastic without adding weight. Testers like the flip-out Double Power buckle levers for easy cranking with gloves or mittens on. GripWalk soles are available as an add-on, as are Head canted sole options in 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 degrees.

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Edge Lyt 90 W, $550; Edge Lyt 80 W, $500; Edge Lyt 70 W, $375; Edge Lyt 60 W, $325
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  • “Has a tighter wide fit out of box, but has the form fit shell for added manipulation. Best fitting head I’ve tried on yet. Head did right with their wide boot. Holds the foot comfortably snug with out that sinking feeling that it will pack out in a day. Wonderful even smooth flex. Is in control from the leg to the foot. Smooth yet energetic turn transitions. Inspires confidence.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Feels like a lot of boot and banger for the buck in a wide 100 boot. Shows up for the party! These dogs can hunt! They will not only find a turn but master it! For a wider fit usually there is loss of power and lack of attention to detail--this is solidly covering the bases! Impressive!” --
  • “Solid boot. Stands you up. Should fit most. Cushy. Roomy. Great boot. Skis well. Solid flex. ” -- Liz Elling

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