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The 2020/2021 Lange RX 110 W is reviewed in the women's All-Mountain Traditional medium category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.


The Gist

Testers this year reiterated that the RX 110 W is the industry standard for how a medium width performance boot should fit and ski. Last year one tester said, The boot’s best qualities? All of them—the RX delivers every year, again and again. There have been virtually no negative comments about this boot for the past three years running, with unanimous agreement on its super neutral, dialed stance angles and near perfect scores for edge power and stability at speed. They call its V-shaped fit (party in the front, business in the back) flawless.

The Fit

Testers say the RX 110 W is a benchmark for medium width fit characteristics without giving up on performance goals—meaning Lange hasn't blown-out the toebox and forefoot and fluffed-up the liner just to attract the wannabes. Testers say this top-shelfer fits like a Recaro seat built around the foot—firm and close in the heel and ankles and boot throat, like a custom foam liner a couple testers said. There's just enough room elsewhere to suit the average, medium-volume foot and leg, but without namby-pamby down comforter pandering. This one grabs on and holds ya. You're skiing all day, not mucking around in the lodge, right?


It's Lange's story again this year and it's where this medium has really elevated above the rest in the past--the pre-sculpted 3-D liner's exterior matches the interior of the shell in a mirror image, mating the foot and leg to plastic and transmitting every skiing movement to the skis. Testers said the boot knifed through all manner of junk off-piste and drilled hard snow like a power tool. The delivery to the edge was impressive, they said, but easily matched by the boot's snappy energy and feel for the snow underfoot, too. This power and agility combo can be attributed to the RX (and RS) line's Dual Core polyurethane shell and cuff which utilizes a unique production method to sandwich a less-dense plastic within the shell wall itself to create a more energetic, resilient feel—testers gave the nod to it again.

Cool Features

The RX 110 W is about what matters and nothing else—so you get a 40mm Velcro power strap, 4 aluminum buckles (2 are easy-open ones on the bottom, nice with gloves on), an upgrade to a dual-side cuff adjustment mechanism this year and replaceable Max Grip soles. The option is there to upgrade to GripWalk soles for 50-bucks if you have appropriate GripWalk bindings to suit. Oh, and the Dual 3D Pro liner has Thinsulate in it. Sure, warmth matters.

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Dual Core polyurethane/Dual Core polyurethane/n.a.
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  • “Navicular is snug, otherwise fits like I’d expect a medium to fit--hugs my foot nicely. Gripped the snow like no other--edge power for days, with a nice flex pattern. ” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Well supported through the whole foot and calf--a tighter medium. It skis so well--I feel very balanced and in sync with each turn. I love skiing this boot. It’s responsive and when engaged it charges! Makes me a better skier. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “A fit to satisfy everyone, from your weekender to ex-racer. Delivers precise movements and energy to the whole ski. Agile and quick like panther. Hits the g spot every time. ” -- Emily Poore


  • “It’s really tight through the navicular and just below on the medial side.” -- Kori Coggin

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