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While the Panterra line received its big updates last season, the Panterra 120 returns as a silver medal alumnus to this year's test where it received the Dreamiest Liner Feel and Cushioned Caress award. Well, not really, but it could have as that was a common refrain among testers--the IF comp tongue style liner impressed the team with how well it draped against the foot and leg along an anatomically contoured map, yes a roomy map, but well-shaped all the same. Testers had particular praise for the fit over the midfoot, through the instep and up against the shin--specifically, it's roomy throughout those zones, which is a boon to thick footed skiers who struggle with the blood flow constriction and nerve impingement that stems from an overly tight fit across the top of the foot and into the boot's throat where it transitions into the shin.

The Panterra 120 remains one of our test team's favorite Dalbellos and certainly one of the very best, wide, three-piece models we've tested over the years. Not only does it offer the high volume foot and leg a suitable fit match, it skis with the best of them. The stance is neutral (if a bit upright for skinny legs) and the flex pattern is natural and progressive. Testers give the Panterra its highest scores in the Edge Power category--it's a damp and stable ride that puts any ski on edge and holds it there throughout the turn without fail. Quickness is rated similarly high, and would have scored higher with enough foot and leg mass stuffed into the roomy boot. The Panterra is a do-everything, go-everywhere workhorse that probably never gets enough credit where credit's due.

There is a walk mode on-board and it's pretty handy for short ridgeline sorties, as are the GripWalk soles that come mounted on the boot. No tech fittings in the All-Mountain Walk category where the Panterra lives, but let's be honest, the Panterra generally appeals to the anaerobic mountain athlete and apres connoisseur who eschews all forms of tights and headbands. So, crack another cold one, finish your burger and get back on that chair! The Panterra 120 is an all-day area skier's wingman and one of our tried-and-true favorites.

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  • “Pretty good hold of the foot from the rearfoot to the midfoot and then opens up like a cave into the forefoot (which I guess is what it's supposed to feel like). ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “The Panterra's high-volume fit is awesome and its stance angles are dialed. Last year's liner improvements were huge--this remains a great wide-fit option for good skiers. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Not bad and easy to get on--cushy, comfy, warm. Loves going straight down the line making big, long turns. A big, bulky SUV like a Cadillac Escalade--burly but not overly strong and more comfy than precise but does what it's designed for well. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Relatively even fit from toe to top of the calf and the boot puts me in a ready-to-rock position! Quick, fall line turns are a breeze. In longer turns, the flex and release of the cuff slingshots you from ski to ski and turn to turn. ” -- Mike Evans
  • “Evenly fluffy! Very cushy and comfortable. Easy to slide in and out of. ” -- Jim Schaffner


  • “It's not bad but other 102 mm boots have passed it by in the last two years. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Tends to put me just a bit back. ” -- Mike Evans

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