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If the Lange RS 130 LV was a stock, it would be in every savvy investor's portfolio--it performs that well, year after year after year. At least that's what our test team said about it (again) this past Spring when they put it through a variety of rigorous indoor and on-snow tests. For a Frontside performer there are few other boots that match the levels of fit, quickness and power found in the RS LV (hint: the one other model worth mentioning was also tested in the Frontside category this year). With an updated liner and new hue, the RS was just enough freshened-up to feel new but without losing any of the old fit and performance standards it has come to be known for.

Testers continue to approve of the liner revisions that improve the fit over the top of the foot, through the instep and along the shin--it just keeps getting better, they say. This is still a legit, narrow fit throughout the entire lower boot and cuff, but with enough relief over the midfoot to keep toes from going numb. The 3D milled ankle pocket construction remains one of the industry's best for an anatomical fit that's firm but without hot spots and testers relate that the heel pocket is also one of the best for performance-minded retention without sliding into tortuous tightness levels.

There are few boots that compare to the combination of anatomical fit with raw power with finely tuned agility according to our test team--they say the RS is a technical skier's boot that rewards athletic movements with ripping carves and rapid transitions on a variety of snow surfaces (though hard, smooth pistes are where this one shines most). In fact, it received a nearly perfect 4.92 (out of 5) in three testing parameters: its stance set-up, edge power and quickness.

It remains an outwardly traditional and simple design, though the internals are modern and complex--the Dual Core polyether plastic used in both shell and cuff is a marvel of plastics molding technology, utilizing a softer density plastic sandwiched between harder layers, all within the thickness of the boot's shell wall. It's not a heavy boot but neither does it strive to be a trendy, new lightweight version--this boot relies on tested materials and thicknesses that put stability and performance first and let the other minor details fall into place secondarily. Testers like regular and useful features like a lateral cuff adjustment, removable or grindable rear spoiler, removable buckles and a killer looking cam buckle power strap. And yes, the new cosmetics this year were a hit with the test team.

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  • “A nice firm liner envelops the foot well for heel hold down and back. This boot feels like the cockpit of a Lamborghini--tight, firm and perfectly connected from the liner to the shell. Incredible grip on my foot and lower leg. Perfect stance set-up for my skiing--the fore/aft balance, lateral cuff angle and sole cant all work perfectly right out of the box without any adjustment. Perfect precision with speed and power. This remains the standard of the industry. Simple elegance! ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “If you're a Lange fan this fit is all Lange, a tight, clean, performance fit. This is the pin-up model of ski boots. With the rear spoiler shim in, the forward stance is very aggressive, without it, it's perfect. ” -- Jeff Rich
  • “Seems pretty much perfect. Just enough room at the bunion and little toe ball for a comfortable fit without being too roomy. I love the way this liner grabs the ankle, heel and shin. Absolutely perfect stance, period. As accurate and agile as an F1car. Everything about this boot is amazing--it fits well, skis well and it looks great. If I could date it I would. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Holy smokes this is tight the way an LV is supposed to be! My mediumish foot is appropriately numb after 30-minutes, buckled. Pretty badass, new Frenchie-style color way! What a super boot. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Performance was great without the foot feeling smashed. ” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “A closer, firmer fit than the RX but the tongue fit and flex feel is still that sweet, Dual Core flex, just stronger. This is the lowest volume fit I've tested this year. ” -- Scott Blackwell
  • “Powerful.” -- Jim Morris
  • “The boot is snug in all the right places. Liner fits well. Excellent shin to tongue contact and transmission of power to the edge. Skis well with precision and instills confidence both on groomers and off-piste. The boot can handle all you can give. Liner and power strap have been greatly improved. ” -- Dana Cagen


  • “It's too forward with the fat spoiler in--easily solved.” -- Mark Elling
  • “This boot was not a ideal fit for my foot, but if you have a low Instep and a narrow heel, it could be great. ” -- Jim Morris

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