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The all new Rossignol Pure Elite 120 LV did not disappoint testers who have come to expect that the flagship women's Rossi will bring some sort of cosmetic excitement to the test. The bright lipstick red called out to testers like a fresh, new bloom to a hummingbird, as one tester after another grabbed it and took it for a test spin. Out of over ten separate tests of the model, all but one made some positive mention of the new look. Of course it didn't top the All-Mountain narrow category on looks alone--in a statistical feat it received 4.92's (out of 5.00) across the board in all five test parameters to rack up the second highest average score of the women's boot test (it's medium-width sister Pure Pro beat it by .03).

Rossignol's women's flagship narrow has always fared well with our test team, though always with the caveat that it was roomier than it should've been for a 98mm model. Those comments are no more with this all new shell and liner--testers call it an anatomically sculpted narrow, meaning tight where it should be but contoured around common bony prominences. This virtually hot spot free fit situation created some surprisingly comfortable commentary but never was there a complaint about it treading into medium width territory. Testers say that the height of the cuff is slightly lower feeling than before, and noticeably less furry in this iteration. They liked the firm feeling liner that provided better performance grip but with enough cushion that the control wasn't a trade for comfort. Testers were split on whether the split (both medial and lateral closures) Velcro power strap(s) were help or hindrance, but otherwise they loved the simple and traditional batch of features on board.

Beyond the fit equating to performance, the new shell design's higher and more forward placement of the cuff's hinge point impressed testers with the smooth and natural flex feel it produced. An even shin fit and progressive flex feel has always been a hallmark of the Rossignol women's line, but testers said that this new Pure Elite took those elements to a new higher level. While testers said the boot performed well in equal measure for power and quickness (recall the 4.92's) a few mentioned that it continued to improve the faster and harder it was pushed, suggesting it had no limit to its top-end beyond the skier who was driving it. Stance-wise all the Rossignol boots share a similar set of angles internally for the boot board's ramp, the cuff's forward lean angle (though it's adjustable in this version) and the cuff's lateral geometry--all of those work together to produce a comfortably athletic stance, testers agreed.

If the test team hasn't heaped enough praise on this boot there is one other fact worth mentioning--it was the most highly sought after model of the entire test for personal acquisition (i.e. purchase, trade, theft)--and while imitation is supposedly the highest form of flattery, at a boot test intentions of theft rank pretty highly too.

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  • “It is perfect and red! Wow, it fits me perfectly--I wouldn't have to do a thing! Put your footbeds in and go rip! Amazing rebound energy in this boot works for you. Best of the best. ” -- Liz Elling
  • “Felt really good to me--I like this boot!” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “This boot pops out against the rest! Yes! Power straps are a little fiddly if you're having a blonde moment. Easy step in feel and instant comfort. Is it too comfortable? This one moves and shimmies down the mountain making you feel like a hero. It is consistent. It helps you. It's maybe a hair softer than a 120 flex, but goodness, if you are a strong woman, you'll get the responsiveness that you'll need. The color--it just stands out in a really great way. The red is not an aggressive red, it pops, is fun and stands out well on the sales room floor. It also made my feet feel ok after being used to the end of their comfort-zone during testing. Win! ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “This boot is lipstick RED, and yes, hands down this boot is a fit-winner indoors. The stance feels supportive yet versatile. No classic Rossi fur on the liner but it is a winner, very warm! Dual power strap is cool, you can customize on either side of the boot for leverage. ” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “Pretty colors and awesome feel in the boot. The fit is money! I found I had to give it some speed and power to highlight this boot's ability--felt powerful and awesome. Buckles are easy, liner feels sleek without being harsh. It's like a supercar in traffic--at slow speeds its nothing special outside of looks. On an open highway or with lots of terrain it'll show up and shine. ” -- Megen Johnson
  • “It fits comfortably, but instantly feels like it will be a strong boot. It felt like I was in the perfect spot on my ski--super duper responsive! It might be the most wonderful boot in the world! If I was "self-identifying" as a ski boot, I would marry this beauty. ” -- Kirsten Heron
  • “Best out of the box feel of them all. Rossi wins! Holds the foot everywhere--major improvement on the liner from last year! So good, so comfortable. It has the smoothest flex progression out of any boot in the test. It has the precision of a sports car with the power of a pickup. Short turns, long turns, it powers them all with effortless class. The liner improvements feel amazing, best anatomical feel. Merino wool in the liner helps keep the foot cozy. Not a ton of features, which is nice, it's a ski boot, it shouldn't have to come with an instruction manual. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “A great spacious narrow. I could wear this boot all day, right out of the box no problems! It's not as narrow as others in the category but it fits great anyway. It's for the ripping chick that wants more comfort in a boot that skis. ” -- Kori Coggin


  • “Too much ankle space. Not for lazy turns--feels like a dud if you're just cruising. ” -- Megen Johnson

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