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Testers can't dislodge the Tecnica Mach1 MV 130 from the very top of the All-Mountain medium width group. It might trade off first or second position, but it's got a lock on that penthouse suite, it seems. The Mach1 MV is unchanged this season but our test team has not tired of it, and uses it as one of the gold standards within this very competitive group to judge newcomers by. Testers still get a kick out of sliding a perfectly fitting medium volume straight off the rack, buckling up, and then making the best turns of the day without having to fuss with any stance changes or hot spot worries. Eleven testers shared their experience with the Mach1 MV 130 this year and couldn't come up with any complaints--except for a few guys who are getting tired of orange.

For a legit 130-flex, testers said the entry and exit was surprisingly good. And for a serious, all-mountain performance boot testers said it was shockingly comfortable without feeling mushy or prone to pack-out. They said the anatomical shaping of the shell is mirrored well by the liner's form and firm-enough materials to provide a secure grip along the foot and leg without feeling harsh. The MV offers a distinctly more-open fit than the Mach1 LVs we have tested, with several testers mentioning that the MV's calf fit was open and flared for a comfortable fit along the lower leg without trending into gappy, fore-aft balance issues.

It's getting harder and harder to find boots without good stance angle set-ups, but the Tecnica Mach1 exemplifies what most testers are looking for in fore-aft and lateral geometry. Testers lodged zero complaints about the stance, which means that when somebody does need some personalized tweaks they're working from a good, neutral home base to start. With dual cuff adjustments laterally, simple rear spoiler mods for improving one's fore-aft balance and an option to install Cantology shims for those needing true canting, the Mach1 platform sets skiers up for stance alignment success.

Our test team loves a polyurethane shell and cuff in the All-Mountain category, and they get that stable, predictable power and accuracy in the Mach1 line-up. The newest part of the performance build, the T-Drive apparatus on the rear spine of the boot, connects upper to lower boot with a spring-loaded, fixed-but-flexible feel that solidifies the transfer of movement to the ski without having to overly stiffen the plastic over the top of the foot for the sake of better fit wrapping and boot entry. Yes, T-Drive looks like a gizmo, but our tests in the past of T-Drive models versus non T-Drive models showed that it works as billed. For performance metrics, the Mach1 MV 130 got its best scores (two scores of 4.85 out of 5.00) for Edge Power and Quickness.

Testers generally like the up-hooking cam buckle power strap, even if they can't connect the boots easily for a sling over the shoulder type carry. The CAS liner and shell features allow for targeted bootfitting solutions and our test team appreciates their simple, functional approach.


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  • “Overall a slam dunk for an out-of-the-box fit on a medium volume foot. There are not any fit zones that I feel would be a hindrance to a quick easy boot fit for most customers. A perfect set-up for me and my style of skiing. My fore-aft balance was perfect--laterally I was right over the center of the ski. Effortless skiing with great power at the turn finish. It was like being on rails. Strong and powerful from the top of my shins to my toes. This boot had everything for me performance fit, comfort fit, precision, accuracy, and predictable behavior on snow. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “So easy to get on. Liner is warm and cushy, GripWalk soles make it a breeze to walk in. Upper cuff is excellent for a lower, larger calf. Great in the forefoot and midfoot for a flatter, wider foot like mine. Feels nice and balanced fore and aft, never felt throw into the backseat. Tecnica made a Cadillac here. So much comfort and a joy to ski. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Perfect medium fit--Tecnica knows their shapes better than the rest. Everything about this boot is great--medium volume feet with larger ankles and calves will love it. It skis as good as any race boot on the wall, and if you want the walkabout version the Cochise is almost its twin. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Really responsive and quick to set an edge. ” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Lateral genius! Snappy, and gets better as speed builds. It's a stable boot that will make most skiers better than they really are. ” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Smooth even feel to the whole boot--encompasses the foot from heel to toe in a nice, firm but comfortable package. Strong boot for the aspiring, strong advanced intermediate through top tier expert. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “The Mach1 MV is so good--flat, neutral forefoot feel. Really tuned into the feel of the ski. Unchanged this year but still awesome and hard to beat it. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “A winner in almost any try-on fit comparison. From the first turn, these boots demonstrate superior performance design. The neutral position blends with lightning fast reaction when the boot is driven. The blend of stance and response stands above the pack. Engaging the ski is mercurial with these while never getting away from you. They are dynamically in control. Best of the test. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “Tight toebox for 100mm boot. And if you don't like orange this isn't your boot! ” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Awkward power strap. ” -- Jim Morris

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