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We've tested the Lange RS 130 LV many times before, over the years, and yet our test team never tires of it. In fact, it stands as a perennial benchmark with which our crew can re-set their expectations of what constitutes a truly great boot. It did it again this year, posting the highest total score of the men's test, across all categories and models, at a 4.91 out of 5.00 and reminding our team how well a boot can make one ski.

As much as things may change in snowsports equipment, much stays the same, and we appreciate that somethings are consistent--like the Lange RS. We imagine that at some point it will have to evolve toward something new but for now we get to appreciate that Lange knows how to leave some things alone. Almost. What was new about the RS 130 LV this year? Not much, but testers loved the revised (last year) Dual 3D World Cup liner for its slightly thicker exterior material which added just a cat hair's width of extra tightness throughout the boot. It's always an interesting experiment to feel how much effect a millimeter of material has on fit, and testers said that not only did it make it a true narrow in a world of false narrows (i.e. most are too roomy) it elevated its performance above previous years' levels by virtue of the no-delay communication of movement from body to boot to ski.

Fitwise the tightness was not a flaw but a strength, especially for a narrow boot in the Frontside category. Testers said the snugness was balanced by the well-crafted curvature of the one piece, pre-molded liner padding and simple but elegant shaping of the shell itself--it was tight as f***, one tester said, but he mentioned that the fit simultaneously avoided hot spots and pinch points. The flex feel against the leg remains the test team gold standard for the 130-flex performance level--firm but evenly distributed and progressive in flexion.

The stance angles similarly set a high bar in this category and others. The only question for testers is whether the rear spoiler stays in, comes out, or gets modified to some in-between thickness with a bootfitter's help. There's dual side cuff adjustment available for lateral alignment fine-tuning, and testers say it couldn't be placed in a better starting position for most skiers.

The RS 130 LV's performance scores (Dynamic Balance, Edge Power, Quickness & Steering) each received perfect 5's and another tester said, if you can't ski well in this boot then maybe you just can't ski.

That's all we got. We're out of superlatives when it comes to describing how the RS fits and performs. For any more, filter a new search for the RS in last year's test, or the test two years ago, or even three. Deja vu in a new blue.

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  • “Perfect fit for a Frontside charger. No slop. Precise. Smooth. Elegant. And powerful. A perfect combo. This is still the best boot on the wall. Get it.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “In a world of lightweight, soft boots this stout gem delivers a dream ride. Couldn’t find a flaw. Great connection to the snow--I'm not really sure what that means but it's a serious compliment. Great job Lange.” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Just when you think you're tuned in to a low volume fit you put on the RS 130 LV and you’re reminded how a narrow is actually supposed to fit. It’s perfect in every way for a narrow Frontside boot. It’s super strong--if you can't ski this well maybe you just can't ski.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Feels lower volume than past versions, I'm assuming it's a liner difference. I like it. It has a good stance--quickens the feet. The best skiing boot I've tested. I tested this boot one-on-one with the other boots I tested (one on left, other on right). With that turn-to-turn comparison, it made the test unfair to every other boot--hands down, the Lange RS 130 LV is the best boot out there.” -- Scott Blackwell
  • “Tightest boot of the bunch without question. Nice FIRM liner, aggressive heel and Achilles area. Tight as f*** with power, precision, energy, and fantastic rebound. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Ginsu-like. Uh, that's a knife.” -- Erik Korman

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