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The perennial favorite Mach1 MV W has returned but in a burlier, badder build--the 115 flex model! Testers have always loved the 105 flex and even the 95 flex for their consummate blends of power, quickness and comfort. And our test team applauded the step-up to the 115 flex in the LV Mach W boot previously, so it's no surprise that they love that new flex level brought to the medium width. Testers said the Mach1 MV 115 W delivered on all fronts without flaw and used more B-words: it's a boss, it's a beast, it's beautiful, they said.

What do you get in the bump up from the 105 to the 115? Well, you get 10 more! Ten more power, ten more quickness and ten more comfort, testers said--really! They found that the new MV was able to successfully "scale-up" performance from the 105 without causing unintended harshness of fit or reduction in convenience. Testers' reports were almost boring in their similarity--they unanimously had no problem with entry and exit, they all loved the flex feel, they found consensus on how balanced the stance was. Two-thirds of testers gave the Mach1 MV 115 W a perfect score (which in the most heavily stacked category in the women's test placed it in a three-way tie for second place!).

Who needs such a badass boot? Well, certainly any skier in the more-is-better camp, obviously, but also women who've often trended toward men's boots for a more robust cuff feel or any skier who's just been dubious that a 105-flex could really do the job for them all around the mountain, no matter how much it might "punch above its weight class." There is no reason to doubt how well this new Tecnica will perform for these tough customers. Interestingly, the cuff of the Mach1 MV 115 W is made of polypropylene rather than polyurethane (still found in the lower shell), which offers some weight reduction but testers did not find that it posed any issue with fore aft stability or a solid, damp feel that they've come to expect from Mach1 boots yet it may have lit up its quickness quotient a bit.

Yes, the Mach1 still comes with all the Custom Adaptive Shape goodies we've come to expect in the shell and liner, including a heat moldable tongue design. Testers didn't find that there were any glaring fit issues to worry about here--and for those who find the MV just a bit too snug, there is a 105-flex HV model with a proportionately opened-up fit throughout.

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  • “Yes! The women's Pro in a mid-volume! This boot is sassy and looks like a boss. Stepping into it feels like a strong and sturdy home. The heel is really great and snug for a mid-volume fit, but the waist, instep, toebox all flare subtly to give the boot a great, firm, mid-volume feeling. The liner has beef, and it's not going to pack into paper. Taking this boot for a ski, you’re in control. The traditional plastic set up of this boot can have you cruise the bluebird days freezing your nose hairs with not a care in the world, the bumps would be made light work of, and force you into being in a good ski stance, and well, this one is just ready for a strong skier on a powder day, bell to bell. No extra bells and whistles on this one. Just a good and solid boot.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Out if the box, this boot rips. Off-piste, carving--it didn't just hold up, it performed. The response was sharp!” -- Melodie Buell
  • “Nice power strap with hook thingy. Seems effective. Consistent volume fit.” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Great boot. Roomy but snug--each right where you need them. Strong and balanced. Perfect. ” -- Liz Elling
  • “Perfect, perfect, perfect medium fit! I love this boot! ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Smooth flex, perfect 115 stiffness. Offers a little extra toe and forefoot room. Beautiful iridescent color, all the classic bells and whistles, lift lock buckles, CAS liner, strong power strap.” -- Emily Poore
  • “A little too much vertical space in toebox.” -- Emily Poore


  • “Trended a bit toward a heavy, clunky and blocky flex pattern. ” -- Megen Johnson

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