Apex ML-3

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Improvements to this year's ML-3 garnered the best scores ever received for Apex's women's line. Testers liked the addition of the forward lean adjustment which allowed for accommodation of anatomy and preference for getting dialed front to back. The more-snug interface between the soft inner boot and the exterior chassis was also acknowledged for how much better the boot seemed to transmit energy to the ski.

Testers who conducted liner molding tests approved of the amount of change found there for evening out firm fit areas and allowing the ankles and heel to find a better seat. Some testers felt the heel pocket was a little vague off the rack, and after some custom liner padding were much more secure. All testers liked the dual Boa closure of the inner boot and appreciated the spring-loaded "coiler" Boa reel upgrades this year.

While testers cite the boot's primary strength comes from the rigid exoskeleton when the leg shaft remains aligned with the cuff, making lateral moves to roll the ski up on edge powerfully, they note that the multiple soft internal layers and long chassis sole length have a muting effect on feel for the snow.

Testers universally agree that the inner boot is the ultimate apres-ski crossover boot, and a few gave it a shot in their snowboard set-up with excellent results.

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  • “Great support. Easy to edge. ” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Comfortable and skied well. You could really get them out there. ” -- Liz Elling
  • “Once the adjustments made, my stance and flex were dialed. ” -- Tosha Treat
  • “They skied like a typical hard shell, and very comfortable. ” -- Molly McGuire
  • “An apres-ski dream boot. ” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Warm and easy to get on and off. Like the BOA system. ” -- Julia Carr
  • “A little big and drifty, but has an engine. Quick and Lively. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “Unusual and different...but can carve. ” -- Ashley Teren


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Morris Plains, NJ
Breckenridge, CO
Steamboat Springs, CO
Big Bear Lake, CA

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