Dalbello DRS 130

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The latest evolution of Dalbello's consumer race line impressed testers with a surprising ease of fit that pairs with serious power and accuracy.


Testers agreed across the board that this did not fit like a 98mm last. Medium width fit scores dominated test forms, with a few notes of peak pressure points over the top of the foot and at the navicular. Testers liked the firm grip at the heel and ankle but most commented that for a traditionally-snug fit one expects from a narrow-lasted frontside boot it would require a fairly thick foot to fill the gaps. That said, this is a great frontside option for skiers with higher volume feet, and testers mentioned that the cushy, comfy liner feel was a nice element here.


No matter what testers may have thought about its fit, there was no question that the DRS 130 skis with the best of them. Uncanny balance and feel for the snow mates with a wide and torquey power band for deeply scribed arcs on any surface. Testers mention that the forefoot feels particularly well planted on the ski for précised big-toe to little-toe transitions and fine edge feathering moves—skivot to carve like you're Ligety! Sorry Head.

Cool Features

This is a far cry from Scorpion days with regard to entry and exit—super easy now. Testers applaud the green and white cosmetic tradition here, and similarly dig the simple, straightforward features like dual-sided elliptical cam cuff adjusters and a cam lock power strap.   

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DRS 110 $750, DRS 90 $550


  • “Skied like a winner!” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Seemed to put me in a perfect skiing position. Best Dalbello ever.” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “There are high performance skiers with high volume feet who will love this boot.” -- Garrick Dardani
  • “Snug, race-like heel is locked in!” -- Keith Holmquist
  • “DRS—Dude, Rocket Ship! Surprisingly agile with yee haw rebound.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Edge grip like glue! Ski bender! DRS—Directly Responsible for Speed!” -- Mike Evans
  • “Roomy fit allowed for ample bloodflow.” -- Jeff "JC" Costales
  • “Super carvy! Lots of support—no break down, no chatter.” -- Andrew Barr
  • “Easy in and out for a Frontside boot!” -- Justin Campbell
  • “Good, solid race boot. Reliable. No issues.” -- Russ Jackson
  • “Flexing brings pressure down onto the instep.” -- Charlie Bradley


  • “Kept thinking there was too much room.” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Like riding Clydesdales with a soft saddle—couldn't harness the power.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Wide, boxy forefoot fit—expected more from this boot.” --
  • “Too roomy and detached-feeling for this category. Had to search for the sweet spot.” -- Greg Coulter

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Westborough, MA
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Killington, VT
Steamboat Springs, CO

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