Head Raptor 110 RS W

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 “It has a level of performance simply not found in other women's boots,” wrote one tester. The Raptor 110 RS W again found a top spot in a very competitive category. It is the most race-like of our test crop, with its solid sole construction, rigid internal bootboard and thin, dense liner construction. Our testers unanimously approved. The Raptor fits shorter and narrower than most other narrow women's boots and with a slightly closer instep fit. Our testers approved of that too. They also concurred that it's one they had to work to get in and out of but they were okay with that, too.

It skis with stiletto sharpness so testers were willing to put up with a little entry effort and perhaps a trip or two to the bootfitter if it were their own in order to get drive this thing on snow. They loved that the Raptor rewarded good skiing and an aggressive attack. It's a girl-power dominator that performs at such a high level that it earns it a pass on any minor demerits.

Stance-wise, testers say it loads a skier up with a little extra inside edge but the dual cuff adjuster offers enough range to suit any skier needing less (or more) inside edge feel. Testers also mentioned (unanimously) that the stance was much too forward-leaning with the spoiler installed; so rip that out, they say. If the cuff fits loose without it, have your bootfitter install a shim on the front of the tongue to take up the room and achieve a more upright stance.

Sizes (MP) 
22.0, 22.5, 23.0--27.5
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  • “Turns on a dime. Hardest charging women's boot on the market. ” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Terrific movement. True -'flow' from one turn to the next. ” -- Nancy Bouchard
  • “Very responsive. Good feel for the snow. ” -- Brigid Kennaday
  • “Stable at speeds. Aggressive. Boot drives nicely. ” -- Quincy Young
  • “Watch out Lindsey Vonn!!!!! The Raptor PURRRS! ” -- Lorna Clarke
  • “Quick as a fox. Great edge to edge. The control ! ” -- Kira Marchant
  • “Responsive. Fast. Keeps me moving. ” -- Kimberly Kinney
  • “Super-star performance. ” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly
  • “Bad and Brash. Do-anything and do-it-well boot.” -- Amy Post


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