Head Raptor 110 RS W

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Raptors are birds of prey characterized by sharp vision and powerful talons and beaks. So we have to say Head nailed it when they named this boot. Take it in a ski race course and you’ll discover how easily it devours the competition. It performs on snow at the highest levels and attracts skiers who are willing to put up with a few inconveniences here and there in exchange for trench slicing skills.

It is fully in its element here in the technical frontside category where no compromises are made for wimpy skiers, cushioning considerations, walking soles or switchy bar modes. This category asks for stripped-down performance with acceptable fit and comfort levels geared toward solid skiers. The Raptor 110 W delivers all of that in spades.

Our testers with a more technical skiing background—coaches, upper level instructors, gals with racing experience—furtively plotted over who would get to steal the boot from our test center. Those with low volume feet and slender legs particularly felt Mr. Right Forever fell from the shelves.

The Raptor W has the shortest length of any boot in this category and fit tight pretty much everywhere. Some testers were able to go up a full shell size to gain necessary toe room without losing much in the way of a snug heel and ankle pocket. (That's a hint, folks; if you're between sizes but don't want a loose heel in that longer size this is a good option to consider.)

Who didn't find love with the Raptor W? Our bigger-calf contingent was pretty much pinched across the board. Not only was the fit constrained—even though the cuff does ride a bit low, allowing for some meat on the bone there—but the biggest calf muscle girls felt over-flexed and were left wanting more support. They found their calves driving the lower leg shaft too forward. Average- to slim-legged women had no such complaints.

It’s certainly not an easy slide-on-and-off model but the vast majority of testers who liked this boot didn't care one bit. And be aware it might also require a session with a bootfitter to get relief at typical bony spots but many boots in this category require a similar commitment.

Sizes (MP) 
22.0, 22.5, 23.0-27.5
Hike Mode 
Heat Moldable Liner 
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  • “This boot challenges you to ski more aggressively and confidently. Surprisingly comfy for such a fierce boot.” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Love the side pull tabs.” -- Tosha Treat
  • “Very maneuverable, quick and agile.” -- Allison McGuirk
  • “Everything about this boot rocks. The fit is perfect and it responds like a mind-reader.” -- Heather Risseeuw
  • “This boot had staying power—I wanted to stay in them all day. Solid, firm feel—just right.” -- Carol Blackwell
  • “Powered through all varieties of turns. Comfy and light.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly
  • “Dances with the snow—very quick and agile.” -- Emily Poore
  • “As dynamic as you get without going into full-blown race boots. Want edge response now? Just ask for it.” -- Danielle Goldsmith
  • “Excellent balance, power, agility.” -- Deb Mjelde


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