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Testers who had no love for the Cochise 120 in the past loved it this year. Even testers who somehow didn't like the narrower, stiffer Pro this year still loved the Cochise 120. Everybody loves the Cochise 120, it's like a rave. Well, testers raved about it at any rate. They like the new fit, the new flex, the new liner and the newfound range of motion in its hike mode.

The easygoing medium-width fit is shared with fraternal twin, non-hike Mach1—the characteristic bulge for the navicular on the arch side of the shell, the wider and more-square toebox shape, asymmetric ankle contours--those are all family traits. The heel is also tighter but more carved out along the path where the Achilles tendon rests. All this goodness is wrapped in a revised Ultra Fit liner, closed within the anatomically redesigned upper cuff and connected with the Mobility Cuff release mechanism (a tester favorite).

Neither the cuff release switch itself nor its metal-to-metal linkage is new, but the way the cuff rotates fore and aft when released is. The range of motion and the quality of the movement are both improved due to the changes in shell and cuff shape as well as the use of new Triax 2.0 in the lower shell. Testers were amazed at how much better the cuff range was this year.

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  • “Great hike mode—by far the best. Last year these were a B-minus, now they're a solid A.” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Very surprising. Best skiing bucket ever—really comfortable.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “The best this boot has ever skied—well improved over previous models.” -- Bob Kuehn
  • “Solid and natural stance—quick, light and snappy. Skis like the Pro.” -- Brad Jacobson
  • “For the category, a powerful boot—much improved over its predecessor.” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “More powerful than others in this category. Well thought out.” -- Garrick Dardani
  • “Outstanding skiing boot. Liner is firm but no pressure points at all.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Rockin' dynamic balance.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Rally car response from turn to turn—well executed blend of ski performance and touring ease.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Great everyday patroller or instructor boot—good all around.” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Perfect balance with tons of power—great liner too.” -- Mark Elling
  • “I was stoked. My foot was locked down but was still comfortable.” -- Ethan DuVoll
  • “Great boot—shares best in category with the Cochise Pro 130.” -- Kevin Anderson


  • “I'd happily trade that Velcro top buckle for a cam-lock powerstrap.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Not much containment through the vamp (midfoot to instep).” -- Chris Wiberg

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