Tecnica Mach1 105 W MV

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The Gist

The two top-scoring women's boots in our 2016 test were both Tecnicas and this is one of them. The Mach1 105 W MV received unanimous thumbs-ups from our testers. It had a universal fit and skied exceptionally well. Wide feet, narrow feet, big calves, little calves all seemed to welcome riding in it.


Works well for many different foot and leg types. The anatomical shape of the liner and shell match the curves of bony prominences like bunions, navicular bones, ankles and heel bumps. It contours nicely around those common trouble spots and holds the rear part of the foot snug for solid skiing. Fit scores were right down the middle medium, and "ideal" boxes were frequently checked in the cuff height, tongue cushioning and flex feel categories.


Eager quickness and a powerful edging acumen flowed from a centered, neutral stance. Testers said the spot-on fore-aft and side-to-side balance was the key to the Mach1 MV's superior on-snow performance. It inspired “eyes-closed” confidence in all conditions. The 105 flex worked for all testers. It’s suitable for race bred chargers looking for an easier fit package as well as intermediates looking to step up their game.

Cool Features

The beauty of the medium width Mach1 is that most skiers won't need to employ the C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) technology available in the liner and shell; it fits that well right out of the box. But the liner is capable of being heat-stretched in specific locations as well as ground to ease peak pressure points. The dimpled shell areas help bootfitters make well-defined punches in key locations that stay put.

Make more room exactly where needed, not in a sloppy wholesale fashion that renders key fit zones too-loose as a byproduct. Bravo Tecnica.


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  • “Very cushy feeling everywhere against the foot, yet supportive—just go!” -- Liz Elling
  • “Hugs the foot in all the right places—eager to please and stable.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Out of the box all-day comfort that drives like a Porsche. Perfect score.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “This boot is easy to be in, easy to ski and all-around awesome! Killer boot!” -- Julia Carr
  • “Immediately in the ready position—so sweet, this boot has it all. No sacrifices” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Snug and supported everywhere—and cool cosmetics.” -- Emma Christensen


  • “Fit is a little tall on the calf.” -- Emily Poore

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