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The medium width Mach1 130 MV returned to the stage and received another standing ovation. Actually, we’re not sure the applause ever stopped from last year’s test. What did testers like about the newly re-named MV? What didn't they like would be an easier question to answer—nothing. "Medium-class standard bearer" and "100mm benchmark" were a couple of the recurring themes on test forms. Unanimous love for this easy-fitting, strong skiing, go-everywhere and do-everything four-buckle overlap was the word.

Perhaps the only complaint testers might have had was the complete lack of opportunity to put any of the Mach1 MV's array of custom fitting options to work. Neither the grindable-punchable, Microcell CAS (Custom Adaptive Shape) liner nor the new, easier punching dimple-zone CAS shell got any real play because the boot just fit everybody’s foot too well out of the box to bother with any of it, testers claim. We did put the CAS system to test with the 130 LV version and we loved it.

It makes virtually any discomfort easily disappear. The punchable, grindable Custom Adaptive Shape (CAS) liner and punch-prepped dimple-zones of the shell are uniquely designed to adapt to common fit issues with traditional bootfitting tools. The shell looks a little like Seal's face but those pock-marks serve a purpose beyond fulfilling a Heidi Klum fantasy. The dimples make stretches more defined and permanent. The exterior of the liner is also built to be heat stretched and ground. Many of our testers are professional bootfitters and they were unanimously impressed by the ability to make space specifically where needed while leaving the rest of the fit alone.

Liner alterations improve the anatomical shape-matching of the liner and shell to the foot's common contours. It wraps like a relaxed-fit glove but with a little extra room at the bony ankle points as well as at the 6th toe and toebox. That’s perfect for average feet but also accommodative of thicker, wider dogs too.

Gushing about fit is all well and good. How did it ski? Even better, showing a characteristic flair for unflappability all over the hill. Dead-flat and neutral feeling underfoot it rolled up on edge like magic and hooked into fat carves with absurd confidence. It’s easy to ski but powerful and agile. “Stupid fun,” one tester said.

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  • “Great fit. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Ripped the windblown pow. ” -- Brian Elling
  • “Absolute reliability. ” -- Eino Holm
  • “An all condition performer. ” -- Greg Phillips
  • “Felt energetic skiing this boot. ” -- Chris Wilde
  • “Feels planted, secure, ready to go. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Rippin' security w/o much effort. ” -- Steve Cohen
  • “New cuff is super responsive. Liner is kick-ass. ” --
  • “Just press and play. The feeling of oneness with the snow. ” -- Garrick Dardani


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