The Best All-Mountain Ski Boots of 2020-2021

The broadest and most popular ski boot category remains the All-Mountain Traditional group--mostly four-buckle overlap designs with non-releaseable cuffs--and there our testers find the most variety in fit profiles in narrow, medium and wide lasts and all possible flexes. These go-everywhere boots balance comfort and performance like no other category and will suit any foot, leg or instep shape and volume. While boots are getting lighter, the All-Mountain Traditional category is still dominated by polyurethane plastic, though increasingly in thin shell wall designs that reduce weight, improve wrapping for better fit and closure but maintain a strong foundation where it counts for stability and performance.

Virtually every boot brand offers a narrow, medium and wide last option in their All-Mountain ranges: Atomic offers the all-widths Hawx boots (Ultra, Prime and Magna); Dalbello offers narrow and medium (the DS Asolo and DS models); Fischer's The Curv boots cross all widths (The Curv GT, The Curv, The Curv One); Head's Nexo/Lyt range covers all width bases (Nexo RS, Nexo Lyt, Edge Lyt); K2 offers narrows and mediums (Recon and Anthem LV and MV); Lange's All-Mountain width initials are RX, in both LV and MV, and then the wide LX; Nordica's Machine boots go narrow to wide--Promachine, Speedmachine, Sportmachine; Rossignol's Allspeed (and women's Pure) Elite is narrow, Allspeed Pro is medium and Allspeed is wide; Salomon S Boots are now all widths now that the new wide S/Pro HV joins medium S/Pro and narrow S/Max; Tecnica's Mach1 line-up is straightforward, thank you very much: LV, MV, HV.


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