Masterfit University and Masterfit insole products are prominently featured in the new book Physical Skiing by Neil Woklodoff.  A PhD with an extensive training background,  Wolkodoff explores the physical side of skiing and shows how to optimize training, diet and equipment so skiers perform at  peak levels while reducing the incidence of injury.

We tested over 100 boot models at this year's boot test, which adds up to over 1000 test forms where testers rated boots in five categories: Anatomical Fit & Initial Feel, Dynamic Balance, Edge Power & Fore-Aft Support, Quickness Steering & Feel, and Convenience, Warmth & Features. Our large test team (over 50 of 'em) is comprised of a wide range of skiers, from ex-racers to backcountry purists, who come with an even broader spread of maturity levels and foot types. Read on to see the top 10 scoring men's and women's boots, regardless of category....

The first step in your ultimate boot search is to know thyself! How and where do you want to ski? Are you groomer-centric or an off-piste munk junkie? Are you a human-powered ascent machine or a burger-loving fan of the chairlift and apres cocktails? Answers to these questions will guide you toward one of our five Boot Test Categories: Frontside, All-Mountain Traditional, All-Mountain Walk, All-Mountain Freeride and Backcountry. Once you're there, your search is fine-tuned by matching your foot shape to a boot's Last Width (some categories have more options there) and addressing your performance needs by choosing the appropriate Flex Index (see our reviews Detailed Specs to find softer versions of the models we tested).

ABB shops such as The Boot Pro are tops at bootfitting

Thank you Hans Ludwig and Powder Magazine for so eloquently and effectively making the case for people to patronize specialty ski shops, especially those that really know how to fit and modify ski boots, like all the America’s Best Bootfitters member shops. As Ludwig points out, specialty shops are an endangered species under severe attack from on-line shopping sites and big box stores. When one disappears it makes the sport that much poorer. Come visit an ABB shop and experience what true service is all about!

Learn about the different categories of boots. What do we mean by Technical Frontside, All-Mountain Traditionalist, All-Mountain Adventure, and Backcountry? Keep reading to find out!

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