Learn about the different categories of boots. What do we mean by Technical Frontside, All-Mountain Traditionalist, All-Mountain Adventure, and Backcountry? Keep reading to find out!

For this year’s test, we asked manufacturers to send at least one Soft-Value boot to provide a wider variety of stiffnesses in our testing mix. 

Ever wondered how to use vital stats? This article will explain what to make of Price, Sizes Available, and Other Models Available.

Head FormFit joins the custom race along with select models from Atomic, Fischer, Salomon, Tecnica and Daleboot.

More boot brands than ever are focusing on offering custom fit technology in their boots. It’s accepted wisdom that boots that better match the foot and leg shape are more comfortable, provide better balance and perform at a higher level.

It's tough to grade boots. Fit is personal and is so critical to the match between skier and boot, and all the boots we test are among each brand's best. That's why you find a review for every boot we test on bootfitters.com. We know there are foot matches out there for each of these models.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors!