Proper measurement and assessment of your feet is paramount to a good fit

Forget the Alta Chutes or Killington’s Superstar minefield. The most difficult ski challenge you’ll probably ever face is finding a comfortable fitting boot that also performs well. Here are 10 tips from ABB’s Certified Boot Techs to will make sure your next boot is your best ever.

Being an Eastern skier who frequently travels west by air to make turns, I usually take just my boots and grab a pair of high-end demo skis wherever I am headed. With $50+ extra bag charges the airline norm, it makes sense.

Retül, a maker of industry-leading bike fit tools and technology, and Masterfit Enterpriseshave partnered to produce a cycling-specific custom insole program under the Fütbeds name. Based on Masterfit’s revolutionary QuikBeds platform, Fütbeds have been designed specifically for cycle shoes.

So here’s the kind of things we find at boot test.

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