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The 2018/2019 Nordica Promachine 115 W was tested in the women's All-Mountain narrow category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The all new 2019 Nordica Promachine 115 W is the boot that all the girls who normally ski guys' boots said they'd like to take home from the test—and that pretty well says it all. Where some boots are powerful but a bit too damp and dull, while other boots are agile and lively but lack strength, testers suggest that the Promachine 115 W is the perfect hybrid of the two types. In fact testers used the word perfect to describe many aspects of this boot, starting with its fit. It's no surprise that it took first place in the highly competitive women's All-Mountain narrow category.

The Fit

Testers used lots of evenly sprinkled 2's (1 tightest, 5 loosest) to rate the Promachine's fit in both the lower boot and the cuff. It's not race boot tight, but just right tight for the category, they said. Its tightest score was for the heel pocket and its roomiest was for the calf—that's a fit blueprint that will work for a lot of women. One tester whined about the heel pocket being too tight around the Achilles tendon, but our custom tests showed the 3D Cork Fit Primaloft liner did a good job of opening the fit where needed without losing a firm grip elsewhere, so we told her to quit whining.


Though testers called it the perfect mix of power and agility, it received a perfect score average for Quickness , Steering & Feel so apparently testers corroborated Nordica's claim that the thin shell wall Tri Force construction lightens the boot and provides better ground feel without a loss of torque. While the boot's lightness was noticed, it wasn't the primary element that testers were attracted to. They were far too focused on how well they skied everywhere on the mountain on the Promachine 115 W to worry about the boots myriad other good features, of which less weight certainly is one.

Cool Features

Testers like the rolling, grippy stride of the GripWalk soles that come mounted on the boot and noticed (and appreciated) the soles' aqua highlights that matched the rear spine and Power Driver power strap plate (which they also liked for its shin pressure displacement). Our techie testers also appreciated the full complement of useful stuff, like dual lateral cuff adjustment, a removable Velcro rear spoiler, two liner pull loops and four easy to use buckles (yes, with aqua highlights).

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  • “Fits like the perfect boot! Made my 117 mm skis feel like freshly sharpened ice skates. Best of Test!” -- Liz Elling
  • “Cushy supportive liner. I like the Achilles padding. Perfect stance and flex for an aggressive charger and hummingbird quick! Light, fast and powerful—kick ass All-Mountain or Frontside boot, take your pick. Perfecto!” -- Ashley Teren
  • “So good! Spanx for my feet--in a good way. Top to bottom support, pain free. I felt confident skiing this boot everywhere and could f'n stomp on it and this thing gripped great! Agile, spunky and full of energy, with great feel. Some boots are either solid and kinda tank-like or have too much energy and can get spastic--this is the best blend of both worlds.” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Great fit right out of the box! Snug in all the right places for my skinny heel, high instep foot. Great tall-feeling cuff for power flexing moves. The narrow fit offered awesome edge power--this boot connected well from foot to snow with great responsiveness. Features--easy on and off, cool buckles, simple boot. If you typically head to the men's rack for a more aggressive boot but don't want to work insanely hard for every turn, then this one's for you. After testing 34 boots, this is the one I'd take home. ” -- Melodie Buell


  • “It was all good and then the attack dogs started chewing on my heels—liner molding please!” -- Ashley Teren

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