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The new (last year) Raptor WCR 115 W continues to stoke our testers with its newfound fit friendliness and sleeper-style flex feel that couldn't possibly load serious energy against a ski and yet it does! Our old-school original Raptor purists on the test team still say this newest version is too comfortable, especially in the roomy toebox, and yet they give it the highest scores ever on test forms. Things change, and in the case of the Raptor WCR it has changed for the better for the vast majority of testers--more progressive flex travel, more sensitivity underfoot, more room in the toes and forefoot.

The liner is also a more lovable element according to testers who say it's not the race-bred, short-fitting and firm-against-the-shin affair of yore. They also say it absolutely does not sap any power or connection to the ski in steering movements, where the Raptor WCR 115 W received its highest scores. A few testers who have chronically found themselves in between sizes were able to size down without too much trouble, gaining even quicker response and accuracy...so, something for folks to consider if they're coming from the short-fitting Raptor of years past.

Testers have unanimously loved the lateral stance set-up of the WCR, saying it's just a touch strong to the inside edge (acceptable for a Frontside model) and easily adjusted to a flatter, looser set-up with the new style (swapped offset inserts) dual cuff adjustment available. Testers offer less agreement on the fore-aft stance, with some running with the rear spoiler while others not, and with a few comments of needing some time to adjust to its unique fore-aft feel.

Testers like the understated grey as a way to separate this from the unisex white boot, and dual liner pull loops and the 40 mm Velcro power strap served their purpose without drama. Testers note that the Raptor WCR offers the slipperiest solid sole surface on the face of the planet and they remind skiers that Head makes a perfectly matched 7 mm Vibram lifter plate that's worth installing (will require toe/heel lug routing back to DIN spec by a qualified bootfitter) if not eating it in an icy parking lot is a priority.


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  • “Traditional frontside fit and feel--on the roomy side for a low volume boot. Liquid fit will be a fantastic option for customizing this boot for the best performance. All around versatility with all the right skills.” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “I love the progression of flex in this boot. It feels very balanced and stable. Killer! Great, powerful boot for a ripping chick (with long toes). Such a great skiing boot--so balanced and the control feels amazing. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “This is the best out of the box feel I have ever put on from Head. Liner is cushy and not race feeling at all. No weird fit points in the shin or calf. The extended toebox really does feel roomier! In the past Head ran short--not anymore! I love this boot! ” -- Emily Poore
  • “Excellent side to side--Head has huge edge grip. ” -- Liz Elling


  • “It's comical that they still call this a 96 mm last. It's massive. I love the extended toebox feel but I would probably have to size down. ” -- Kori Coggin

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