Apex ML-3

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The ML-3 returns unchanged but our test team ran it through the wringer in rigorous fashion, testing it both off-the-rack and after custom modifications—it remains a great solution for skiers seeking a supreme walking boot and a unique downhill solution.


Testers love the smooth, easy going feel of the inner boot and its dual Boa closure zones that allowed for personalized fit tension throughout. They were less enthusiastic about the overall fit when mated with the open chassis frame, citing a few hot spots, notably at the navicular bone. Tester agreed that the calf fit was open and great for women with higher volume legs. All agree that the fit runs short—sizing protocol for the ML-3 is to go up one size larger than normal.


As they have in the past, testers were impressed with the lateral power of the Apex design—the rear frame that supports the back of the inner boot is rigid and transmissive. They said that edging is strongest and most consistent when the leg remains in the sweet spot of the frame, i.e. engaged against it, which a few testers mentioned put them on their heels. The forward lean and lateral angles are both adjustable.

Cool Features

The ML-3 has an adjustable flex feature involving different density elastomer shims for the rear control arm. The liner is thermo-moldable, which testers liked.

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  • “Solid, well-balanced stance for quick and stable moves. Easy walking!” -- Liz Elling
  • “It's a great boot for a senior female—very comfortable. Dial adjustments didn't break my nails!” -- Pam Weisberg
  • “Stance hits the sweet spot and never feels collapsing or too hard.” -- Emily Poore
  • “I like the idea of skiing in snowboard boots! Easy on and off.” -- Kristina "Rev" Revello
  • “Women with big calves will dig this boot!” -- Julia Carr
  • “Good lateral moves to the edge.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Foot cuddle! A warm, hugging fit—soothing comfort.” -- Jennifer Carlson
  • “Warm and comfy! Good for all-mountain intermediates.” -- Emma Christensen
  • “Weight is balanced in a relaxed stance. Great conversation piece and good apres boot.” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Great for walking in the inner boot and the skiing stance and flex were great.” -- Courtney Winegar


  • “Makes me look and feel bulky. Chicks don't want to feel bulky.” -- Julia Carr
  • “Felt boxy.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Not as quick or responsive as other boots in the category.” -- Emma Christensen
  • “Lack of good steering connection made me use different muscles—tiring!” -- Courtney Winegar
  • “It's missing things like out-of-box comfort, edge control and support.” -- Kristina "Rev" Revello
  • “What do you do with the exoskeleton when you're walking? Carry it around? Leave it in the ski?” -- Emily Poore
  • “Ugly and clunky.” -- Megen Johnson

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