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It’s called Raptor but it’s more like a Boa. This is one tight package! The 110 RS W was the snuggest fitting woman’s boot in our entire test. But it is well-sculpted for a woman's foot and lower leg, provided it's a low-volume foot and leg. Precise command over the ski is the name of the game here, whether for making quick steering moves or rolling the ski over and driving it hard at high speeds.


This is not a convenience model. The Raptor 110 RS W's form follows its primary function: to kick butt edge-to-edge without wasting a joule of energy. The heel and ankle pockets are tight, the instep is tight, the toebox is tight. Get it? It’s tight. But all this made our testers very happy. This boot is built to ski and skiers looking for no-compromises, low-volume performance will be delighted.

The cuff is a bit low which our taller testers didn't like. A few testers said it wasn't the easiest to get on and off, and several commented that the fit over the top of the foot was low and caused some numbness on higher instep feet.


Its lateral edging game was top notch. The Raptor was super reactive turn-to-turn and strong on edge, making this a platinum-level piste performer. Steering moves are spot-on, testers said, on account of the vacuum-bagged fit which translated every nuanced move directly to the ski.

The cuff's forward lean angle is a bit old-school forward. Coupled with its low cuff height, some testers experienced over-flexed stances and a lack of shin contact. That hindered its off-piste performance scores.

Cool Features

Standard race boot style fare here though dual cuff adjustment is a bonus and the removable hardware at those junctions allows the cuff to be taken completely off for easier and more precise bootfit modifications. As at every boot test, a few testers complained about the Spine Tech buckles. They’re definitely not as cool or user friendly as the men’s Spine Flex style.

Sizes (MP) 
22.0, 22.5--27.5
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Heat Moldable Liner 
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  • “Easy edge control with no frills.” -- Kristina "Rev" Revello
  • “Super responsive boot! Really allows the skier to create the deepest turn posible.” -- Filomena ' Mena' Dardani
  • “This thing is built with effective skiing as the top priority—awesome energy transfer.” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Commands an aggressive, dynamic stance—very responsive!” -- Emma Christensen
  • “Perfect ten on a low-volume fit with rocket powered edging!” -- Amy Post
  • “I could feel the fore-aft and lateral support in this boot.” -- Julia Carr
  • “Good, solid, forward stance and quick to the edge. Very snug on ankle and instep.” -- Liz Elling
  • “Really locked-in cockpit feel. Great for the lower volume foot and smaller calf.” -- Kelly Finnen


  • “Low instep fit will bother some high arched folk.” -- Kelly Finnen
  • “Not super comfy and warm out of the box.” -- Emma Christensen
  • “Fore-aft support a little lacking for hard-chargers or bigger girls.” -- Kristina "Rev" Revello
  • “Stance is a little too forward—hard to extend the leg into the next turn.” -- Julia Carr

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