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Scarpa took the Alpine ski boot world by surprise two years ago with its Freedom SL. Now it has built in some extra horsepower and torque to it and changed two letters. We're not sure what RS stands for—Really Sick? Rad Shoes? What we do know is that our test team liked the Freedom RS for its step-up to 130-flex, approved of the slightly taller cuff design and were seriously stoked on the beefed-up and re-designed cuff release mechanism.

The RS remains featherweight compared with other hike mode boots in our test. The Pebax Rnew plastic in the lower, reinforced with a carbon fiber I-beam sole, is now combined with a polyamide and carbon upper cuff. This is a light and stiff combination that's connected with the larger Ride Power Block XT cuff release mechanism. The result is a stiffer, stronger beast of a backcountry hybrid that skis like a race boot but tours just like its anorexic-aerobic partner, the Mastrale RS. Based on our tests, the Freedom RS represents the strongest skiing, lightest weight, best-touring Alpine hybrid on the market today.

The fit in the lower boot remains is identical to the SL version (which is still available), but the upper cuff is now a bit of a monster (all of 130, tall and upright). Teamed with a new Cross Fit Ride RS liner, several testers experienced an abrupt, firm feel against the shin at the top of the cuff. Our liner molding tests improved the fit there marginally, but this seemed to be the boot's Achilles heel.

The Freedom RS carries on the lightning-quick and inside-edge dominant tradition started by the SL. The cuff geometry is tipped out more than average, providing a lot of inside edge. The lateral cuff adjustment range is substantial and most will want to take advantage of that to find a more neutral set-up.

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