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Name is the same as before but the design is completely new. Tecnica kept the elements that made the Cochise Pro 130 a winner and sweetened things further. There are huge improvements in fit and performance combined with a reduction in weight. It's little wonder this was the highest scoring boot in the On-Off Area category and the second-highest scoring boot of the 100 models we tested.


The Cochise line adapts the foot anatomy driven design that has proven so successful in Tecnica's Mach1 range and splits the difference between narrow and medium widths checking in with a 99mm last.

Good idea, said testers, who felt it snug enough to roll with the narrow group but shapely enough where it mattered (toebox, forefoot, navicular bone, ankles, Achilles) to satisfy a medium width foot.  A best of both worlds fit, they said. A few testers mentioned overly snug spots upon buckle-up, but all said the liner adapted quickly and molded closely to their foot without feeling sloppy.


Noticeably lighter than before yet it skied with a more powerful and snappier feel turn-to-turn. How possible? Tecnica’s Power Light Design utilizes a polyether plastic frame with a higher density, but thinner, shell wall to reduce weight. That increases power and snow feel. The new Cochise feels more like a scalpel than a sword.

It’s accurate and “poppy,” powerful underfoot at high speeds and over all surfaces. The Mobility Cuff functionality is one of the category’s best. It has a simple to use actuator and glides smoothly fore and aft with the cuff disengaged; when engaged for descents, the metal-to-metal connection locks down tight.

Cool Features

Where to start? There's so much here. Tech binding compatible toe and heel lugs offer access to lighter weight touring bindings. The C.A.S. shell and liner offer Tecnica's bootfitter-friendly construction details that allow for targeted and precise modifications where needed. Testers raved about the new Lift Lock buckles that peel back and stay completely out of the way so they don't accidentally catch during entry and exit.

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  • “Blows away others in this category—full meal deal, bravo Tecnica!” -- Greg Coulter
  • “Stiffest boot in its class for sure! Copious amounts of power and gold medal buckles!” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Rigged to romp! Contender for the best boot of the test.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Sahweeet! Pleasantly surprised with the fit and how it skied—like a race boot!” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “I love the feel of this boot! Solid as a rock and charging on bullet-proof! Sick!” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Secure and confidence inspiring.” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “Tecnica has surpassed everyone else in this category—best in test!” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Easy to use hike mode and long, smooth range of motion.” -- Justin Campbell
  • “Highly refined fit and feel, and Lift Lock buckles are trick.” -- Jeff Harper
  • “Fairly lightweight and very customizable. Skis well throughout entire turn.” -- Joe Driscoll
  • “Snap your head quick in the fall line.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Super solid with locked-on gadgetry. Dialed.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Awesome calcaneal cave! Athletic angles worked well for me.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Brick like rear spine keeps your hips over your feet—love the Lift Lock buckles!” -- Garrick Dardani
  • “The standard-bearer in this category!” -- Jeff "JC" Costales
  • “An all-mountain boot with race boot performance and uphill capability. A winner.” --


  • “Easy to use hike mode and long, smooth range of motion.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Easy to use hike mode and long, smooth range of motion.” -- Justin Campbell

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